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They come out into the courtyard of the monastery.

"The abbot will probably be in his cell at this time of day."

Sonya was by no means a stranger to sunlight anymore, not since her arrival back in milliways, but even she couldn't get over the change of scenery-how green and..settled..everything looked.

Maybe this was what she needed after all. The land may've been at war, but life seemed to move on as usual here. She could catch the smell of fruit, flowers and earth, yet she rolled and stretched her shoulders as though bracing and psyching herself up for something.

"Lead the way."

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Sonya would've lied if she said the disappearences lately didn't leave her affected. Besides the fact that only a few of them were even close to being friends, it never failed to remind her that she was still here and not back in Earthrealm. There were also fewer and fewer people that she could consider herself close to: on the one hand, it meant she didn't get as torn as others when they faced disappearances, but it felt strangely isolating.

It was for this that she was overcome with the desire to hold a sunday dinner for Jane and Lip. The mess with Rapture over..she hoped she could still consider them neighbors, and it would've been nice to cook for someone other than herself and the twins (who were at the moment in the 'will/won't eat stage).

Said twins were in a makeshift play pen with blocks and stacking rings, while Sonya started preparing for dinner. Since getting the pottery wheel, she was able to make some proper cups,plates and serving dishes, and with an outdoor kitchen she was able to make a dinner of seasoned goat shish kabobs with tomatoes and eggplant (wooden skewers instead of metal), along with some  rice and a simple salad-peach turnovers from the bakery served as dessert.

Eccentric yes, but then in a strange way it was fitting, and she wasn't sure eating a heavy meal would've been appreciated even in the evening weather.

She set about burning some dried lemon grass around the picnic table to keep the bugs away. It was probably too much to hope for to make this a common thing, but in lie of any other sort of cozy gathering-she'd take what she could make of it.
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A full day and Sonya liked to think she was getting the hang of this place-liked to, but really it was still a whirlwind.

At the very least, she knew what to do about the kids, who it was safe to leave them with and all of that. Which was awesome, because as much as she had some experience with babysitting, it was completely different than actually having them for herself.

She'd heard that there was a club on the island, something between a jazz and an actual strip joint. Normally she wouldn't have even consider going there, but according to what she's been told, she was of age on the island, which made going to jazz clubs even more exciting. She wasn't even sure if she'd attend a performance for tonight, but she wanted to check the place out atleast.

The place was closed of course, but she wasn't so sure about going in when it was actually open. For one, it was past when the children's office closed and two..this was more for exploratory purposes anyway. Still, it didn't take much to trick the lock and open the place up.

With her was a thick short staff-really a fairly thick stick. Back home she was on drill team and they had a competition in a month and she wasn't about to slack off any time soon. This was by no means a military establishment, but hell-a stage was a stage.

Using the stick as a rifle, she began swinging the stick around: crossways, straight, tossing it up and catching it. No music with her, but then there wouldn't have been music at the time. All she had to go by was the rythym of the rest of the squad and that had to be done by memory.
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Sonya hadn't gone to church in years, not since Lance was killed,

But the evening she had to patrol Rapture, she made the sign of the cross before heading out, hoping she didn't wake Hanzo, and trying to not think that she may not see him the next morning. She'd trained for this for months, there was no reason to think that she wouldn't survive-except that battle was chaotic by nature and death wasn't choosy on skill levels before it claimed a soldier. She was fully armed and dressed for combat. Everyone on the force knew that now would be when the attacks would come, but they didn't know when.

There was a full moon out when she stepped out of the cottage, and while the logical part of Sonya was grateful for the light it provided , there was a part of her that felt it was almost fitting given the holiday.

It was a short walk to Jane and Lipton's place. Normally Sonya would've been fine with just meeting him at the entrance like usual, but the unusual amount of caution inside her told her it was best not to be out alone tonight.

Two is one: one is none.

She made it over to New Pemberley, waiting at the front door for him to step out and head to their shift.
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Now that she was in her third trimester, her apointments were to be several times a month rather than just once a month. She didn't know which would be more exhausting: the check ups or the actual pregnancy.

The 'new clinic' didn't help her feel any better. Sure, it was cleaner than she'd imagine a victorian clinic would be, but it still had a sort of 'horror movie' feel to it: or maybe she was just being worried over nothing.

It didn't help that the clinic was now outside the compound, and the streets were so tricky and slippery that even with a cane and Max's help she wasn't entirely sure of her balance. Hell, Hanzo was even tempted to go with her as a means of support to prevent accidents, but she was admement against it: she may be as large as a whale but she refused to see herself as an invalid.

Thank god she made it to the clinic without anything happening. The direwolf at her side created a few shocked stairs from the 'locals' but either they were getting used to her or Sonya was just good at ignoring them, either way he didn't create that much attention. He remained at her side while she took a grateful seat in the waiting room, rubbing her back as she waited for one of the doctors to be available.
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She'd left an message in Jane's mailbox. It was true that she and Sonya had little in common, but she still enjoyed talking with her. Most of Sonya's friends were guys and though she had no problems with that fact, she also saw nothing wrong with having at least one 'non career oriented' female friend. The main problem was trying to find ways to relate to them: for all the contrasts between them, at least Jane gave the impression that she wasn't judging her, and she was also honest-both of which were things Sonya greatly appreciated. Especially right now, when she felt she needed to talk to someone female, if nothing else, an afternoon chat would've been just as welcome.

It had been little over a week since the Bennet ball, and Sonya found herself still mentally torn about Scorpion. She had long since come around that after Lance was killed, she'd remain single for the rest of her life: back home in the army, that was perfectly fine for her as there wouldn't have been any time to devote to family, but here, even with both of her jobs in the club and the ITF, it was entirely possible to 'start over'. From her time with Scorpion, he was more than open to the idea himself.

She arrived at Jane's home that afternoon, as she said she would on the paper. It didn't feel right to just to arrive there, even if she did ask first, so she stopped over at her own hut for a container of dried raspberry leaves. As a tea, Sonya found she enjoyed it more than regular because it didn't have the caffeine content of the regular black kind, but it also didn't taste as bitter as green tea either. 

Sonya knocked on the door and waited.

One could argue that was she was doing in general was crazy, but then Sonya never denied that she was every wholly sane.
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For what had to be for the first time since she'd arrived, Sonya woke up in her room at the compound and just lay there. She didn't feel ill, or tired, but strangely 'free', the guilt, the anxiousness, the restlessness, it was all gone.  After what had to be weeks of bad dreams and twisting and turning to sleep, Sonya saw no reason why she should get up at the crack of dawn as she was wont.

Then, she caught a glimpse of her roommate's side of the room. It was no different than when Sonya first moved in, messy with clothes and belongings all over the place.  Whereas before she put up with it, this morning it just got on her nerves. If Rogue was going to behave like a dog, why did she bother sleeping inside in the first place.  Sonya wondered if she should move her things for her, to teach her a lesson. The only problem was that most of the garments smelled like they were in a serious need of a wash. There was no way Sonya was touching such things if she  could help it. The woman was just lucky she wasn't throwing it all outside, that would be too obvious.

Sonya threw a robe over her shorts and sports bra (a wardrobe change would also help her feel better, but one problem at a time), and looked around the 5th level hallway of the compound.  People here were more helpful than back home, odds were good she could find someone to clear the trash in the room-or someone she could 'convince'.

"Excuse me," She said to the first person she saw, a pleasant smile on her face. "My roommate's moved out, but she left all of her things in her room.  Could you help me move them out?"

ooc:  Permission granted by Malamanda to mess with Rogue's belongings.  Opposite Sonya will be more apt to manipulation, but don't think she won't hit you if she feels the need-just forewarning
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While Sonya couldn't quit stomach all the free food at the party, she could think of someone that wouldn't have a problem scarfing it down.

Somehow, she'd found some paper bags near one of the plates, possibly for people wanting a 'private' celebration, but it was just fine for what she was doing. Filling a bag with fries, two cheese burgers,  a couple of milky ways, and two cans of coca cola, she took off for Peter's house, thankful for the torches along the path. She still wore the dress and mask from the party, but she loosened her hair into a pony tale and her mask was resting on her forehead, walking was easy since she'd gone to the party where white keds instead of dress shoes.

She made it over to the tree house, knocking on the door frame. "'s Sonya. I have food from the party." If any real mother knew what she had they would've thrown a shit fit, but Sonya figured it was just one night so any complainers could go screw themselves.

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