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Five days..

Five days since they woke up. Five days since they started on this mission to save their realm (again). They should have woken up by now: five days into this and Sonya had to almost daily shove back the worry that maybe they were going to be stuck here-no, it wasn't for her, it was for Lipton. He shouldn't have been here, this wasn't his fight, and most of all, he had a wife and kid back on the island. Least with her and Scorpion, they didn't have anyone back there waiting for them, especially in way of kids.

Their time spent traveling wasn't long, not by comparison, but it was by no means easy. Physically, because every so often they would run into a band of mutant or centaur warriors, and mentally because nearly everywhere there were remains of people having had their souls already taken. Sonya was only grateful that they hadn't lost anymore people. Indeed, just before they left for the journey, they'd actually..according to her story..gained two more warriors: Kitana and her friend Jade, both 'former' assassins for Shao Kahn. Liu Kang and Nightwolf were willing to give her a chance, but Sonya couldn't bring herself to really let her in so easy. It was true that the damn video game booklet said that Kitana was now on their side-but how could much could she really put her faith in that book, especially when Kitana herself wasn't too keen on giving details as to 'why', only asking that they trust them. It was only because they needed the 'manpower', and out of respect for Nightwolf and Lui Kang that Sonya kept her mouth shut, but she wordlessly kept an eye on the two women.

It was evening on that fifth day when they finally reached the city, the fortress of Shao Kahn jutting against the dark purple sky.  For once, they didn't stop to set up camp as evening set, as Kitana had told thm that the security around here would be extremely tight. If they were to find shelter anywhere it would have to be within the city. Centaurs were the hardest to defeat, but they were also naturally claustrophobic, and so a building would offer some protection.

Sonya was past caring about physical comfort. Several days of on and off fighting and her body was already bearing bruises and scrapes. Nearly all of them were bruised up, and that wasn't counting the exhaustion that was threatening them.  She had to put faith in that their endurance could carry them through all of this-for every one's sake.
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The first thing Sonya noticed when she woke up was that the other side of the bed was cold. She wasn't really into snuggling, but some mornings she just found herself curled up close to Hanzo when she woke up. That wasn't the case now, and her heart nearly leapt out of her throat when he wasn't there. It was only when she fully opened her eyes that she saw the real reason why she was alone in bed.

She was home. Back in her room at her parent's house, in the room she hadn't actually slept in for so long. It was all there: the pictures, the certificates she earned from school, the medals from athletics, and right on her dresser was her army fatigues, set up like she always had them.

Sonya reached over to get out of bed when the sight of her wedding ring brought her back to reality, along with the shorts and t-shirt that she'd slept in. This couldn't be real then, she thought. This was an island trick, or it could be. Besides, she hadn't been home in so long, and if the island were to send her back, it would send her back to the Outworld dungeon.

The phone on her desk rang and she hurriedly rushed over to answer it. When she heard Jax's voice on the other line, it was only her officer training that kept her voice steady as she listened to what he was saying-that he, Liu and Cage would be coming over soon.

She nodded stiffly and hung up, looking at the calender on the wall: if this meeting was for what she thought it was, she'd better get dressed quickly.
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Plot thus far:

1. Sonya and Lipton wake up in her old home in Austin, Texas and eventually meet up with some of the Earth fighters (Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Major Jackson Briggs.)
 a. They get a message from Raiden (the only time he's able to contact them) that the invasion is about to begin and the only think he can do is direct them to where a portal to Sanctuary could be found. Said portal will lead them to Sanctuary where they could gather their forces.

2. Scorpion appears in Earthrealm just as the invasion begins and Outworld starts to merge with Earthrealm.

3. On the way to the portal, the Earthwarriors run into some mutant warriors and Johnny Cage is killed.
  a. Sonya and the rest of them run into Scorpion (details could be added later)

4. Sanctuary is actually an Indian Reservation in New Mexico, organized by the Shaman and historian Nightwolf. Because of the spiritual power in the area, Shao Kahn's portals are unable to affect the reservation and thus it's the only 'safe' place for the Earth warriors to gather.
   a.  It's agreed that they need to find Kahn's fortress and challenge him to Mortal Kombat. The only other option would be full on warring, but their forces are too small for such a battle.
 b. On the way there, they run into princess Kitana, who's on the run after killing her clone Mileena and being accused of treason by Outworld. She's trying to reach her mother who's been brainwashed by Shao Kahn.
c. She's able to tell them where Kahn's fortress is located, but her knowledge of Earth's geography is very limited and the merger of realms has condensed the countries into one giant land mass.
d. It takes them several days to reach Kahn's fortress in what was Chicago.

5. They finally reach the city. Because Kahn seemingly knows that the Earth warriors would show up, he's set many of his Extermination squads ( mutant and centurian) around the city.- fight scenes ensure.
   a. Sonya finds Kano leading one of the squads, a chase ensures that ends with them fighting on the top of a sky scraper. The fight ends with Sonya tossing him off the edge of the building.
  b. Kung Lao is severely wounded in battle. Lacking anything in way of an aide station or hospital, Sonya and (maybe Lipton) agree to stay with him to make sure no other Outworlders arrive to finish the job.
6.  Liu Kang manages to challenge Shao Kahn to Morta Kombat. At stake is Earth's freedom.
   a. It's when Kitana's mother, Sindel, is able to remember her past and call Kahn out, that Liu Kang is able to defeat him.
  b. Earthrealm and its people revert to normal.

7. Sindel and Kitana insist that the Earth warriors come with them to Edenia (one of the other realms freed from Outworld) to celebrate Kahn's defeat.

-Sonya, Lipton, and Scorpion wake up back on the island.

Subject to adjusting/details..the over all plot will seem to last about a week.


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