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For what had to be for the first time since she'd arrived, Sonya woke up in her room at the compound and just lay there. She didn't feel ill, or tired, but strangely 'free', the guilt, the anxiousness, the restlessness, it was all gone.  After what had to be weeks of bad dreams and twisting and turning to sleep, Sonya saw no reason why she should get up at the crack of dawn as she was wont.

Then, she caught a glimpse of her roommate's side of the room. It was no different than when Sonya first moved in, messy with clothes and belongings all over the place.  Whereas before she put up with it, this morning it just got on her nerves. If Rogue was going to behave like a dog, why did she bother sleeping inside in the first place.  Sonya wondered if she should move her things for her, to teach her a lesson. The only problem was that most of the garments smelled like they were in a serious need of a wash. There was no way Sonya was touching such things if she  could help it. The woman was just lucky she wasn't throwing it all outside, that would be too obvious.

Sonya threw a robe over her shorts and sports bra (a wardrobe change would also help her feel better, but one problem at a time), and looked around the 5th level hallway of the compound.  People here were more helpful than back home, odds were good she could find someone to clear the trash in the room-or someone she could 'convince'.

"Excuse me," She said to the first person she saw, a pleasant smile on her face. "My roommate's moved out, but she left all of her things in her room.  Could you help me move them out?"

ooc:  Permission granted by Malamanda to mess with Rogue's belongings.  Opposite Sonya will be more apt to manipulation, but don't think she won't hit you if she feels the need-just forewarning


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