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With Joe's disappearance, one of the last things Sonya felt like attending was a blind date. Even if he was still here, she was still not sure about the whole thing. The last time she'd dated was when she was fifteen, and that didn't end too well either. Hell, when she was with Lance they didn't so much as date but spend time together, at best it was casual dating. The only reason she even bothered was because it was pointless for her to mope, and because...well, maybe she was being too cynical about the whole thing. It wasn't like there was anything here-besides her own stubbornness and fear of vanishing-to prevent her from starting a relationship, so what could it hurt to try.

The note said to show up at the Winchester during the evening, and to wear something green. And so, Sonya was sitting at an outside table at the Winchester a little before the sun started to set, dressed in a black, knee length skirt and dark green blouse (she figured it was nice enough for a first date, but not exactly that fancy) with her hair held back with a black headband, and waited.

If this really did turn out to be a prank, heads were going to roll.


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