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She was pregnant.

All week, Sonya had had her suspiciouns, but it only became real when she got the results from the test.  Even then, it all felt surreal. She had been wondering about the possiblity of becoming a parent, and had agreed with Hanzo to just let it happen, but she wasn't sure how she felt about it now, only that the giddiness from the news was still making her grin like an idiot.

She'd asked Helinski if she could borrow the file. She had to tell Hanzo, and while he knew her well enough to not believe she'd bullshit about such a serious issue, but she also felt it was seem more 'real' if she gave him the papers to prove it.

Sonya also just wanted to see his expression. Since their 'trip home', Hanzo was convinced that his human form was only 'for show', that he may've not even been able to father a child. Well, those fears were unfounded.

It was a good thing that Max was with her. It made tracking the former ninja much easier, and while nerves had Sonya feeling energtic, the fatigue that was plaguing her for weeks was still present-and Sonya wasn't sure if she had the spare energy to hunt him down.

She eventually found him by the hut, working on repairing a chair. Before getting any closer, Sonya just barely managed to school her emotions, keeping her face fairly neutral as she stepped up with the folder containing the results of the test.
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That Monday, Sonya never thought she'd be so glad to wake up. Actually, her first few nights on the island and way from the dungeon came close, but nowhere near this experience. After spending several days in a body that really just wanted to be worshipped and pampered , she wanted to experience 'life' again, and no longer sweat the little things-not that she ever did really, but being in the body definitely made her feel like it.

Then there was Scorpion. Because of her schedule, she was only able to meet him that early afternoon, after ITF and before her class, but the visit was long enough to know that he was back to normal-for him anyway. Sonya didn't think it was a bad idea, and spent the day to see of she could catch anything herself.

That evening, Sonya had to bounce at the jazz club, but that didn't seem bad either, because now she could actually 'appear' like a bouncer as well as behave like one. It also meant that with wasn't until around mid night she was able to go over to Scorpion's hut-which thankfully was a shorter distance from the club than from her own hut: the less tim it took the more time she would get to spend with him.

And this time, she planned on spending the night.

She practically ran over to his hut, still wearing the black cargo pants and tanktop, and knocked on the door.
"Scorpion, you there?" For all she knew he could still be outside.

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Theme nights on Saturdays at the club made bouncing all the more interesting. Not that she had much to complain about, it was something to do and she got to listen to some nice music while doing it.  

The job wasn't nearly as stressful as some of her others, but somehow her hair was still a little messy even held back in a tail. She stretched her legs and she collected the bag containing her dress from the ball, kept in the back for safe keeping.  Due to the distance, she was compelled to change from the dress to her uniform in one of the dressing rooms of the second floor-an act that made Sonya glad that she wasn't so modest about such things.

She promised Scorpion they'd meet after the club closed for the night, and he finished helping Jane clean up. Why Sonya promised in the first place, she knew that well enough: she was only at the ball for an hour or so, and after all the time teaching Scorpion to dance and only to rush things. But why she felt guilty in the first place, and why she seemed to blush afterwards, was what she'd like to know for herself. Yes, she was being honest with Webster when she said it was nice to have someone who seemed to understand where she was coming from, but that wasn't enough to really mean anything beyond comradeship.

She shook her head  and stepped outside the club: she was probably just making a big deal out of nothing. It felt good talking to him, that's all.
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 When Sonya first arrived here, she couldn't spend enough time outside. It wasn't just about no longer looking pale, but after spending weeks in  a cell and in a place were it never got lighter than dusk, she felt she could never get used to seeing actual sunlight, or greenery or a blue sky. Still, the compound offered a sense of familiarity, as plain as it was and as annoying the clothing and jukebox were, it was similar to the barracks she was used to, and familiarity kept people sane-which Sonya at the time was in desperate need of.

But with Joe's disappearance and the holiday season, the compound started to seem claustrophobic even for her: it seemed that a change in atmosphere was what she needed-even if it was just in a hut instead of a different state or country. Then the psycho came and she needed six weeks before she could move because there was no way she could move her things with a broken arm. But now, she's healed, found a place, and after several days she's finally moved in. It wasn't fancy by any means, only furnished with a bed that needed airing, the trunk containing her weapons and books, and her clothes, but she was in the process of trading for a table, and on her way to really making it hers.

Currently, she was outside, her now shoulder length hair held back in a ponytail and using the frame of some young trees to weave together a throw mat from dried long grass and lemon grass. The work repetitive but satisfying and it was halfway done.  She intended to see if she could trade it for anything, or use it herself, as the lemon grass acted as a natural mosquito repellent.

Sonya wasn't sure if she could call herself happy, but for the moment she could call herself satisfied.


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