Jul. 5th, 2011

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She was pregnant.

All week, Sonya had had her suspiciouns, but it only became real when she got the results from the test.  Even then, it all felt surreal. She had been wondering about the possiblity of becoming a parent, and had agreed with Hanzo to just let it happen, but she wasn't sure how she felt about it now, only that the giddiness from the news was still making her grin like an idiot.

She'd asked Helinski if she could borrow the file. She had to tell Hanzo, and while he knew her well enough to not believe she'd bullshit about such a serious issue, but she also felt it was seem more 'real' if she gave him the papers to prove it.

Sonya also just wanted to see his expression. Since their 'trip home', Hanzo was convinced that his human form was only 'for show', that he may've not even been able to father a child. Well, those fears were unfounded.

It was a good thing that Max was with her. It made tracking the former ninja much easier, and while nerves had Sonya feeling energtic, the fatigue that was plaguing her for weeks was still present-and Sonya wasn't sure if she had the spare energy to hunt him down.

She eventually found him by the hut, working on repairing a chair. Before getting any closer, Sonya just barely managed to school her emotions, keeping her face fairly neutral as she stepped up with the folder containing the results of the test.


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