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She'd left an message in Jane's mailbox. It was true that she and Sonya had little in common, but she still enjoyed talking with her. Most of Sonya's friends were guys and though she had no problems with that fact, she also saw nothing wrong with having at least one 'non career oriented' female friend. The main problem was trying to find ways to relate to them: for all the contrasts between them, at least Jane gave the impression that she wasn't judging her, and she was also honest-both of which were things Sonya greatly appreciated. Especially right now, when she felt she needed to talk to someone female, if nothing else, an afternoon chat would've been just as welcome.

It had been little over a week since the Bennet ball, and Sonya found herself still mentally torn about Scorpion. She had long since come around that after Lance was killed, she'd remain single for the rest of her life: back home in the army, that was perfectly fine for her as there wouldn't have been any time to devote to family, but here, even with both of her jobs in the club and the ITF, it was entirely possible to 'start over'. From her time with Scorpion, he was more than open to the idea himself.

She arrived at Jane's home that afternoon, as she said she would on the paper. It didn't feel right to just to arrive there, even if she did ask first, so she stopped over at her own hut for a container of dried raspberry leaves. As a tea, Sonya found she enjoyed it more than regular because it didn't have the caffeine content of the regular black kind, but it also didn't taste as bitter as green tea either. 

Sonya knocked on the door and waited.

One could argue that was she was doing in general was crazy, but then Sonya never denied that she was every wholly sane.


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