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Sonya would've lied if she said the disappearences lately didn't leave her affected. Besides the fact that only a few of them were even close to being friends, it never failed to remind her that she was still here and not back in Earthrealm. There were also fewer and fewer people that she could consider herself close to: on the one hand, it meant she didn't get as torn as others when they faced disappearances, but it felt strangely isolating.

It was for this that she was overcome with the desire to hold a sunday dinner for Jane and Lip. The mess with Rapture over..she hoped she could still consider them neighbors, and it would've been nice to cook for someone other than herself and the twins (who were at the moment in the 'will/won't eat stage).

Said twins were in a makeshift play pen with blocks and stacking rings, while Sonya started preparing for dinner. Since getting the pottery wheel, she was able to make some proper cups,plates and serving dishes, and with an outdoor kitchen she was able to make a dinner of seasoned goat shish kabobs with tomatoes and eggplant (wooden skewers instead of metal), along with some  rice and a simple salad-peach turnovers from the bakery served as dessert.

Eccentric yes, but then in a strange way it was fitting, and she wasn't sure eating a heavy meal would've been appreciated even in the evening weather.

She set about burning some dried lemon grass around the picnic table to keep the bugs away. It was probably too much to hope for to make this a common thing, but in lie of any other sort of cozy gathering-she'd take what she could make of it.
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Sonya still wasn't quiet sure she was ready for this. Not even when she first got a babysitter or planned it with Helen.  She didn't like the thought of more nights by herself anymore than Hanzo would and Helen did need the help, but she still wasn't entirely sure she was ready to actually get up infront of people.

That didn't stop her from going. She couldn't spend more nights alone with just the children: it was driving her crazy and that was the last thing she needed.

It was for this she found herself back at the Club, a modified roped Kunai around her arm and dressed in track pants and sports bra, various scars along her torso and shoulder now visible as was the Spec. Ops tattoo on her shoulder.. The real act would have the spear end set on fire, but for the moment she wanted to try without first. She was already skilled with it, had been since last year, but for this to work she needed to learn out to use it infront of a crowd. Most of her training was done away from the public eye and lacked the flash as some of the other warriors back home, but if she was going to perform at the Catscratch club, flash was what she needed.

She waited by the front door for Helen. The woman had been running the club since before her own arrivial and if anyone knew how to transform something for the stage, it would be her.
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A full day and Sonya liked to think she was getting the hang of this place-liked to, but really it was still a whirlwind.

At the very least, she knew what to do about the kids, who it was safe to leave them with and all of that. Which was awesome, because as much as she had some experience with babysitting, it was completely different than actually having them for herself.

She'd heard that there was a club on the island, something between a jazz and an actual strip joint. Normally she wouldn't have even consider going there, but according to what she's been told, she was of age on the island, which made going to jazz clubs even more exciting. She wasn't even sure if she'd attend a performance for tonight, but she wanted to check the place out atleast.

The place was closed of course, but she wasn't so sure about going in when it was actually open. For one, it was past when the children's office closed and two..this was more for exploratory purposes anyway. Still, it didn't take much to trick the lock and open the place up.

With her was a thick short staff-really a fairly thick stick. Back home she was on drill team and they had a competition in a month and she wasn't about to slack off any time soon. This was by no means a military establishment, but hell-a stage was a stage.

Using the stick as a rifle, she began swinging the stick around: crossways, straight, tossing it up and catching it. No music with her, but then there wouldn't have been music at the time. All she had to go by was the rythym of the rest of the squad and that had to be done by memory.
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"Come on girls, momma's going to take out some aggression while you two play, okay?"

She was tired, restless even. Around the hut, she'd done the cleaning, fixing up, and whatever manual labor that needed to be done and she still didn't feel any better.  Of course, the whole deal with rapture wasn't solved, but there was only so much they could do and even she knew that she couldn't patrol every day of every hour, though a part of her wished it. It wasn't her place though..if anything she hoped that Lipton would find Lydia, find her and go back to being the happy, content family that he and Jane were.

She looked at the girls playing under the shade of the deck, their wooden toys being stacked and moved about in a way that only a one-year old could find fun.

Maybe we do need to move, she thought. As much as she didn't like the thought of facing people just yet, maybe another change of pace would be good for them.

No..what would be good for her was some shadow boxing. In their-in her-front yard, there was a thick tree that was perfect for the deed, its trunk smooth and wide enough for her to wrap a long coil of rope around and use it as a punch/kick target. She'd replaced it several times since she'd first moved to the hut, but it was easier than going to the punching back in the Hidden Hamlet-nice as the people there were.

Making sure that the girls were content (she had some water and snacks just incase), and Max was within sight (and safely chewing on something he hunted) Sonya pulled on a set of combat gloves, flexed her shoulders a bit-and started going to town on the tree.


roundhouse kick...triple kick

turn..jump crescent kick...

She was soon lost in a pattern, visualizing the tree as her opponent and delivering blow after blow. They were automatic now, her body feeling the endorphin rush but there was no longer any sense of enjoyment or relief in the blows.


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