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Sonya still wasn't quiet sure she was ready for this. Not even when she first got a babysitter or planned it with Helen.  She didn't like the thought of more nights by herself anymore than Hanzo would and Helen did need the help, but she still wasn't entirely sure she was ready to actually get up infront of people.

That didn't stop her from going. She couldn't spend more nights alone with just the children: it was driving her crazy and that was the last thing she needed.

It was for this she found herself back at the Club, a modified roped Kunai around her arm and dressed in track pants and sports bra, various scars along her torso and shoulder now visible as was the Spec. Ops tattoo on her shoulder.. The real act would have the spear end set on fire, but for the moment she wanted to try without first. She was already skilled with it, had been since last year, but for this to work she needed to learn out to use it infront of a crowd. Most of her training was done away from the public eye and lacked the flash as some of the other warriors back home, but if she was going to perform at the Catscratch club, flash was what she needed.

She waited by the front door for Helen. The woman had been running the club since before her own arrivial and if anyone knew how to transform something for the stage, it would be her.

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Saffron was glad for the prospect of another performer at the club. Sonya's particular talent would prove entertaining for patrons, she thought, and she was happy to help Sonya turn it into something with pizzazz.

She found Sonya waiting by the entrance when she arrived. "Oh good, you're here," she said with a smile, going to unlock the door. "Thanks for agreeing to do this."

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Once they're upstairs, Saffron gestures for Sonya to take the stage while she takes a seat in the audience. "Okay, why don't you show me what you've got and we'll go from there," she suggests.

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Saffron had just wanted something like an audition to give her a general idea, not something that went on and on, but she sat and watched, letting Sonya continue until she was finished. She sat and considered what she'd seen, not responding right away.

"Okay," she said. "The first thing you'll want to do is cut the time on that down. What was that, ten minutes? I'd say cut it in half, at least. Folks aren't coming in here to give their undivided attention to a long stage performance. They're up and around, talking, drinking, and sometimes they sit and watch. You want something that will catch their eye, but will cater to a short attention span."

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"That's what I'm here for," Saffron replied, arching an eyebrow briefly. "The main thing you want to keep in mind here is the audience. Don't get so caught up in what you're doing that you forget they exist. If you can occasionally try and make a connection, make eye contact, even better."

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"Definitely," Saffron said, nodding as she stood. "How about you try it one more time, but with music?"

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"I'm sure I can find something," Saffron said, going over to where the four iPods belonging to the club and the speakers were kept.

She scrolled through one of them for a minute before finding a good song, one that had a beat Saffron felt would go well with Sonya's performance. Plugging that iPod into Bill's speakers, she hit play and went back to sit down and watch.

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Saffron watched carefully, taking in her performance and the way she moved. When the song was over, she got up and went to stop the iPod.

"That was good," she said. "If you keep practicing, and keep working on your showmanship, you should have a pretty great performance."

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"Just what I said before," Saffron replied. "Keep the audience in mind. Make sure what you're doing can be clearly seen, not just by someone right here at the edge of the stage, but also by the guy standing back against the wall. It's a small venue, though, so you shouldn't have much trouble with that."

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Saffron nodded. "Sounds good," she said. It would be nice to have another act at the club, something different but still entertaining for her patrons. "It'll be great to have you back working here."

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"That would be great," Saffron replied. "I could use all the help I can get these days, what with folks disappearing left and right. How many nights are you looking to work? Should I put you down for one shift, or both?"

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"No, one shift is just fine," says Saffron with a shake of her head. "I'll take whatever you're able to do. So I'll sign you up for the Thursday and Saturday shift?"


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