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"You could've told me that before I tried to fight him, y'know," Harry said, kind of amused by this revelation. He could already imagine the expression on Dick and Nix's faces when he told them he'd been beaten up by a ghost. It explained the guy's awkward demeanour, though; must be strange for him, being human again."

Sonya  didn't speak out when Scorpion left: there wasn't much of a point when he would've just gone off regardless of what she said.

Still, looking at him, she couldn't help but think of how far she'd had come, or maybe she was more 'human' than she thought. After all, her social skills may've sucked, but she did have some people she could open up to, to an extent. If this place was rough on her, how was it for him, becoming fully human-up until now she never much thought about it.

She finally spoke when she and Harry headed back to the compound as Scorpion headed to..wherever he was headed.

"He's human now. And in the tournament he was given a human form." She smirked. "On the outside anyway, but once he removed the mask, you saw that he had a skull instead of a human face. One of his ways to finish off his opponent would be to spew out hell fire from his mouth."

How Sonya hadn't gone vegetarian after her time in the tournament, she had no idea.

"Here, he has the skill and experience, but he's now as human as you and I am."  Well, more like her...Harry seemed more human than the both of them.


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