Sep. 17th, 2013

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Sonya still wasn't quiet sure she was ready for this. Not even when she first got a babysitter or planned it with Helen.  She didn't like the thought of more nights by herself anymore than Hanzo would and Helen did need the help, but she still wasn't entirely sure she was ready to actually get up infront of people.

That didn't stop her from going. She couldn't spend more nights alone with just the children: it was driving her crazy and that was the last thing she needed.

It was for this she found herself back at the Club, a modified roped Kunai around her arm and dressed in track pants and sports bra, various scars along her torso and shoulder now visible as was the Spec. Ops tattoo on her shoulder.. The real act would have the spear end set on fire, but for the moment she wanted to try without first. She was already skilled with it, had been since last year, but for this to work she needed to learn out to use it infront of a crowd. Most of her training was done away from the public eye and lacked the flash as some of the other warriors back home, but if she was going to perform at the Catscratch club, flash was what she needed.

She waited by the front door for Helen. The woman had been running the club since before her own arrivial and if anyone knew how to transform something for the stage, it would be her.


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