Jul. 26th, 2013

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A full day and Sonya liked to think she was getting the hang of this place-liked to, but really it was still a whirlwind.

At the very least, she knew what to do about the kids, who it was safe to leave them with and all of that. Which was awesome, because as much as she had some experience with babysitting, it was completely different than actually having them for herself.

She'd heard that there was a club on the island, something between a jazz and an actual strip joint. Normally she wouldn't have even consider going there, but according to what she's been told, she was of age on the island, which made going to jazz clubs even more exciting. She wasn't even sure if she'd attend a performance for tonight, but she wanted to check the place out atleast.

The place was closed of course, but she wasn't so sure about going in when it was actually open. For one, it was past when the children's office closed and two..this was more for exploratory purposes anyway. Still, it didn't take much to trick the lock and open the place up.

With her was a thick short staff-really a fairly thick stick. Back home she was on drill team and they had a competition in a month and she wasn't about to slack off any time soon. This was by no means a military establishment, but hell-a stage was a stage.

Using the stick as a rifle, she began swinging the stick around: crossways, straight, tossing it up and catching it. No music with her, but then there wouldn't have been music at the time. All she had to go by was the rythym of the rest of the squad and that had to be done by memory.


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