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She was pregnant.

All week, Sonya had had her suspiciouns, but it only became real when she got the results from the test.  Even then, it all felt surreal. She had been wondering about the possiblity of becoming a parent, and had agreed with Hanzo to just let it happen, but she wasn't sure how she felt about it now, only that the giddiness from the news was still making her grin like an idiot.

She'd asked Helinski if she could borrow the file. She had to tell Hanzo, and while he knew her well enough to not believe she'd bullshit about such a serious issue, but she also felt it was seem more 'real' if she gave him the papers to prove it.

Sonya also just wanted to see his expression. Since their 'trip home', Hanzo was convinced that his human form was only 'for show', that he may've not even been able to father a child. Well, those fears were unfounded.

It was a good thing that Max was with her. It made tracking the former ninja much easier, and while nerves had Sonya feeling energtic, the fatigue that was plaguing her for weeks was still present-and Sonya wasn't sure if she had the spare energy to hunt him down.

She eventually found him by the hut, working on repairing a chair. Before getting any closer, Sonya just barely managed to school her emotions, keeping her face fairly neutral as she stepped up with the folder containing the results of the test.

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The chair needed a new leg. Having learned a small bit of carpentry now, he had successfully made a replacement and was about to put it back together as Sonya walked up to him.

He could tell there was something unusual, but she was not giving any clues as to what. He looked to the folder and back at Sonya as he stood.

"Hello, Sonya. What do you have?"

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"Took a stop by the clinic yesterday." She didn't tell him at the time, not so much of wanting to conceal it, but at the time she wasn't sure if her suspiscions were true or not and didn't want to give him false hope.

There was no fear of that any more.

Instead of going into further detail, she simply handed him the folder, trying really hard to keep a smile off her face-and only just managing.

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Hanzo calmly took the folder and opened it. His eyes saw the highlighted test result immediately, but he did not immediately react. Sonya pregnant? With his child? He hadn't been sure it was possible with his true nature being tied to the Netherrealm. Was it possible it was someone else's? His eyes looked up at hers. No. That could not be. He dismissed that idea.

It was also important not to overreact. Days after waking up from the dream of the invasion, Hanzo had nearly embarrassed himself with how he had reacted. A man should hold himself with some respectable amount of stoicism. But he did grin.


He had started out slowly. News like this should not be hastily taken. It would be a moment more before he got past the full realization.

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She nodded, her own grin becoming harder and harder to conceal.

"Lipton has some books on pregnancy that he let me skim over once, plus," Alright, she knew that Hanzo wasn't all that comfortable talking about 'womens issues', but oh well. "I was a week late, so between that and what I remembered, I went in for a test on Friday." She motioned towards the paper. "Got the results this morning."

"According to the doctor, I'm about five weeks along." Holy shit, she was already into her second month.

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Hanzo's eyes widened a bit. So, it was true?

"Five weeks?" he asked as he neared her.

"We're going to have a baby?"

Fatherhood once again? This meant he was more human than he had let himself believe.

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"Roughly," She admitted, though in truth, the reality of the situation had finally begun to sink in and left her talking on 'auto pilot'. "It was calculated but we won't know for certain until the first actual scan in a few weeks." check in on the baby.

It felt like a cliche gesture, especially with her earlier remarks that she wasn't the first woman on the island to become pregant and wouldn't be the last, and yet when she mentioned the scan, Sonya found herself with a hand on her lower belly.

"Yes, we're going to have a baby." Wait..SHE was going to have a baby. Sonya Blade..the woman without a maternal bone in her body.

What the hell, she'd been through everything else-she could deal with this.

Sonya offered a small smile. "Looks like you really are human." She couldn't help but tease, especially after their trip back home.

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Hanzo stepped forward and put his own hand on Sonya's lower belly alongside hers. Their baby. When she pronounced him to be fully human after all, he let out a breath.

"I really am, aren't I? Sonya..."

He looked up from her belly to her eyes and gave her a serious but fond look.

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Sonya just barely resisted rolling her eyes. "I think that's what I've been trying to tell you for how long? Took this for the news to get through your head."

She did take a deep breath, pulling her hand away even as he looked at her, the fatigue taking over now that the news was over and done with. "I guess it wouldn't be too in character for you to jump through the roof."

Never mind the fact that they were outside.

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Sonya's chiding got him to shake his head, but he was smiling.

"This is great news Sonya. This takes some time to take in. Were you hoping to see me jump through the roof?"

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"How'd you think I feel? I've been suspecious for several days and have been told by a doctor, and it's still really yet to sink in."

She laughed, a little tiredly as the fatigue started returning full force.

"Not so much 'hoping', but wanting a good laugh." She took a look at their hut. She would have a class that afternoon but she still had time for a nap. "I'll need to talk to Helen. The past few days it's hard staying up half way to my shift, let alone making it all the way through."

She thought a moment, surprised that her brain could still function. "You don't mind filling in my post, do you? You know my schedule well enough," Hell, he memorized it just to tell her how full it was. "And it's on the jazz floor so you don't need to worry about 'seeing anything'."

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Sonya's words about easing up on her shift were welcome words. Hanzo had often urged Sonya to cut down her busy schedule. Now was the perfect excuse. But it seemed he was not going to get to spend this extra time with her. But, such is responsibility. He nodded.

"I'm not worried about seeing anything. It's just that I find it dishonorable. The jazz club is fine. If she'll have me, I can fill in for you."

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Sonya laughed.

"It's just a job position that requires you to be able to keep the peace. All you need to do is look tall, imposing and be able to glare at people-all of which you already qualify for." She nudged him, remembering how Harry's nickname for her than boyfriend was 'tall, dark, and scary.

"Anyway, the boss has been here long enough to know these things happen. She should understand." She looked at him a moment. "And this is only temporary..until the kid's born anyway."

Because even Sonya had to admit-a pregnant bouncer gave an even worse impression than an exhausted one.

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"Of course," Hanzo agreed. He wasn't really interested in the job permanently.

"You're looking tired. How about some rest now? Can I get you anything?"

He figured if he was going to take care of her, he might as well start now.

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"Look tired, feel dead on my feet." She answered honestly. "A nap doesn't sound too bad actually."

As with most things, when Sonya finally admitted it, the fatigue hit her full force.

"No, but I've something you could do." She held up the folder. "Mind returning this to the clinic? Was only permitted to borrow it to show you I wasn't bullshitting."

Not that it was in her nature to bullshit, but Sonya didn't even have the energy to argue or verbally prove anything.

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"Consider it done. Just make sure you don't push yourself as hard as you normally do. You'll wear out the baby before it's even born."

Just then, Hanzo remembered an image of his first wife smiling with a bulge in her stomach. He blinked, then returned his attention to Sonya.

"And I would have believed you. I know you would not tell me something like this unless you were sure."


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