Dec. 9th, 2011

lt_blade: (understanding/concern)
Now that she was in her third trimester, her apointments were to be several times a month rather than just once a month. She didn't know which would be more exhausting: the check ups or the actual pregnancy.

The 'new clinic' didn't help her feel any better. Sure, it was cleaner than she'd imagine a victorian clinic would be, but it still had a sort of 'horror movie' feel to it: or maybe she was just being worried over nothing.

It didn't help that the clinic was now outside the compound, and the streets were so tricky and slippery that even with a cane and Max's help she wasn't entirely sure of her balance. Hell, Hanzo was even tempted to go with her as a means of support to prevent accidents, but she was admement against it: she may be as large as a whale but she refused to see herself as an invalid.

Thank god she made it to the clinic without anything happening. The direwolf at her side created a few shocked stairs from the 'locals' but either they were getting used to her or Sonya was just good at ignoring them, either way he didn't create that much attention. He remained at her side while she took a grateful seat in the waiting room, rubbing her back as she waited for one of the doctors to be available.


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