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Now that she was in her third trimester, her apointments were to be several times a month rather than just once a month. She didn't know which would be more exhausting: the check ups or the actual pregnancy.

The 'new clinic' didn't help her feel any better. Sure, it was cleaner than she'd imagine a victorian clinic would be, but it still had a sort of 'horror movie' feel to it: or maybe she was just being worried over nothing.

It didn't help that the clinic was now outside the compound, and the streets were so tricky and slippery that even with a cane and Max's help she wasn't entirely sure of her balance. Hell, Hanzo was even tempted to go with her as a means of support to prevent accidents, but she was admement against it: she may be as large as a whale but she refused to see herself as an invalid.

Thank god she made it to the clinic without anything happening. The direwolf at her side created a few shocked stairs from the 'locals' but either they were getting used to her or Sonya was just good at ignoring them, either way he didn't create that much attention. He remained at her side while she took a grateful seat in the waiting room, rubbing her back as she waited for one of the doctors to be available.

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Aidan smiled at the newest visitor from behind the desk where he was working. Still dressed in his Civil War uniform, he knew that he looked slightly out of place in Victorian London, but the era was right and it was something he had worn.

"Glad to see you were still able to make your appointment," he said, glancing up from the ledger at the woman. "Although next time just let someone know and we'll make a house call. That's what they did in this day and age anyways."

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Sonya nearly did a double take at the uniform: one didn't go through any military acadamy without learning about the civil war. The fact that a doctor was in such a uniform only made her more curious-which compared to her physical ailments was a welcome distraction.

She held back a laugh. "Duly noted, but if I have to spend so much time in my room, I'd go mad. It's a short walk anyway." A little hazardous yes, but like hell was she going to behave as though walking was a health risk.

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"Well, it's just a routine check up today, which is good considering the equipment we have available," he said. While it was entirely possible to give birth in these sort of circumstances, or worse, medical knowledge had come along way in the last hundred years or so. The survival rate for mothers and their children were certainly higher.

"Just checking your weight and listening to heartbeats."

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Sonya thought it was a good thing as well, and prayed that she wouldn't have to deliver her babies in such circumstances.

"Right, weight and heartbeat. I can already tell you the babies are active during most hours, I swear my insides are now black and blue from their kicking."

She carefully stood up. "Of course, most of this weight's possible going to be from petticoats and underwear." Christ, half the time it was like wearing body armor.

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"I'm sure I can subtract the weight of an outfit similar to yours but we should be able to get a good idea of if you're gaining like you should just from the scale."

Of course, she seemed to be looking fairly healthy. Fit, not too exhausted or haggard. If she could feel the babies kicking, that meant they were healthy as well so it was unlikely they were pinching their cord and cutting off anything they needed.

"Being able to keep up with your diet okay since the island changed?"

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"Trying to, eating mostly cooked vegetables." They may be washed, but who was to say the water here was exactly safe for pregnant womane: they were next to the Thames after all and that was a cheap burial source for bodies. "Keeping hydrated is was tricky for awhile until I found out about lemon squash, and just sticking with hot tea and lemon instead of regular tea."

Thank god she hadn't had any other caffiene for awhile, or she would've taken the change a little badly.

She hoisted herself up from the chair and headed over to the scale.

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"Good, sounds like you should be just fine then," Aidan said, moving over to the scale to take her weight. Like she said, the clothing probably added a lot of weight but since she was obviously taking pregnancy seriously he wasn't going to make her undress for this.

"Tomatoes, citrus, and apples are also good for hydration if you want to mix it up a bit and can find them," he said, adjusting the scales a bit.

"Alright, weight looks pretty good."

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Well, that would explain her craving for lemons. Oranges were in high supply in the market anyway.

She couldn't help but frown a little at the weight on the scale: taking into account her clothing.

"It's only a pound or so since I last checked. My original doctor said I should gain about forty pounds throughout, but as of yet I'm only at 27 extra."

Christ, what was she going to have to do-go into a coma?

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"I don't think you're anywhere in the danger range just yet," he said, trying to reassure her with a smile. Generally a calm demeanor and pleasant expression could keep patients from freaking out over things they shouldn't worry over.

"Depending on how active you are and the availability of fatty foods, that could change. Are you starving yourself or do you feel hungry often but choose not to eat?"

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Coma sounded like a fisable option then.

She tried to not get offended at the prospect of starving the babies, but it was tricky.

"Just the opposite actually." She explained, getting off the scale and straightening her skirts. "I'm usually always hungry, but can never manage more than maybe a few bites at a meal, and if I snack in between it's even less."

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"Small, frequent meals might help," he said, although it sounded like that's essentially what she was doing. Aidan remembered when his wife was pregnant she-

No, he wasn't going to go there. Not now.

"Although nausea this late is unusual. Nothing to be concerned about, sometimes it happens, you're just one of the lucky ones that gets it. But if you just snack all day long, then that's what you have to do."

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"I thought the wholse nausea thing only happened in the first and second trimester." She remembered vividly the day it finally ended, able to eat whatever she wanted and NOT have to note where the bathroom or window was.

"Anything else?" She took a careful seat. " think you could be a gentleman and help lace my shoes up?"

Now she saw where 'barefoot and pregnant' came from-without somone's help, it was nearly impossible to lace up these victorian boots. Atleast in the usaual island atmosphere, she had the white wellies that Coraline gave her at her wedding, those she could easily slip on and off and not bother with lacing.

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"If you feel like you're still going hungry after Christmas and you've tried just grazing, come in and we'll see about getting something for the nausea," he told her. Hopefully by then the clinic would be back to normal. Even the island supply of meds was more reassuring than the stock here.

He sat across from her and helped her lace up her shoes, more than glad to help. There was no need for her to get down there and lace them when he could.

"Maybe you can find some boots with higher laces? Might make it slightly easier. But this should do you in the meantime."

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"I'd normally go with shoes I could slip on even while laced, but I don't think any sort of fashion here is made for comfort and practicality." She kept thinking it: the last time she wore this many layers, it was in a combat zone and it was body armor-not fabric.

She waited until he was done before moving on. "Is there anything else you'd want to go over with me?"

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"None of it is made for comfort or practicality," Aidan agreed. Granted, a lot of modern clothing wasn't made for that either, but people generally had more of a choice in what they could wear.

"Not really, just the usual cautions about being careful, especially with the snow and the ice on the ground. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Not just if you need it, but if it makes comings and goings reasonably safer. Not just for obvious reasons either. If you break something now, there will be complications later if you want to breast feed."

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Sonya frowned, wondering but scared to ask.

She asked anyway. "What do you mean, complications?" She supposed she would breast feed. There were bottles in the children's office, but it wasn't like there was any formula to be had.

She wanted to know as much as possible about any 'complications'.

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"If you breastfeed, you're going to experience a decrease in your bone density as it is," Aidan explained. He hadn't meant to worry her, although it was good that she was concerned. It was easy to tell that she already loved her children.

"It makes it especially hard to heal breaks. Some of the time it's recommended that you don't nurse if you have a broken bone."

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Now why didn't any of the pregnancy books mention that.

"Well, that's just fan-fucking-tastastic." She muttered, mostly to herself: as though Hanzo and Max weren't given enough reasons to mother hen her, now she has to be careful how she walks.

"Right," She said to him. "So I need to up my calcium and vitamen D intake intake," She felt a little proud that she wasn't so ignorant on nutrition. "And work on weight training as soon as I can."

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"You usually don't hear about it, because it rarely happens or becomes an issue," he reassured her. He doubted that it would really be an issue.

"But if you're concerned, just do what you mentioned and a few months after you stop nursing, you'll be back to normal levels."

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She nodded, not responding on the 'rarely happens' issue-knowing her luck, she would be nine months to the day of being pregnant and end up breaking something.

"If that's everything, I'll be seeing you later." and not sooner, she prayed, carefully standing up.

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"It is everything," he said with a nod, making a few notes on the chart. Hopefully everything would hold off for her until the island returned to normal. It wasn't likely that there would be any problems, but it was always best to play it safe.

"And try not to worry too much? My wife gave birth in a lot worse conditions than even this and everything went fine."


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