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Sonya hadn't gone to church in years, not since Lance was killed,

But the evening she had to patrol Rapture, she made the sign of the cross before heading out, hoping she didn't wake Hanzo, and trying to not think that she may not see him the next morning. She'd trained for this for months, there was no reason to think that she wouldn't survive-except that battle was chaotic by nature and death wasn't choosy on skill levels before it claimed a soldier. She was fully armed and dressed for combat. Everyone on the force knew that now would be when the attacks would come, but they didn't know when.

There was a full moon out when she stepped out of the cottage, and while the logical part of Sonya was grateful for the light it provided , there was a part of her that felt it was almost fitting given the holiday.

It was a short walk to Jane and Lipton's place. Normally Sonya would've been fine with just meeting him at the entrance like usual, but the unusual amount of caution inside her told her it was best not to be out alone tonight.

Two is one: one is none.

She made it over to New Pemberley, waiting at the front door for him to step out and head to their shift.

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Lipton shut the door behind him, adjusting his grip on his weapon, looking out at the night around them before moving to Sonya's side. "That time of year again already, huh?"

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"I liked the Carnival, before it went evil." He said, genially. For all the Island had it's horrifying twists and magical turns, it had also brought him Jane, Lydia, Duckie, and the new baby. He could never be thankful enough to it for that.

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"Hey, at least the girls weren't snuggling them close when they turned." Lipton pointed out good naturally. "Little mercies."

At the question of Duckie, Lipton shook his head, a fond smile crossing his lips. "He's a handful, alright. I'd wonder where he got it from, if I didn't remember my brother Rob as a child. Jane says some of her sisters were more rambunctious than others, too, so maybe I'm not all to blame."

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"Hey, it's true enough of my own siblings. Nancy had a good head on her shoulders, but Mary could be a handful - which maybe had more to do with being the youngest." Lipton shook his head fondly in memory. He missed his brother and sisters more than anything else from home, to tell the honest truth.

"Maybe that means we'll get a little more sleep with the third one," Lipton said, with the delighted half-smile that came with every mention of their newest child-to-be.

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He nodded, letting a full smile creep across his face. "She sure is. Duckie will be about a year and a half when the new one comes, with Lydia five this year. We don't want them to be too far apart."

He chuckled, shaking his head. "Neither do I. But hey, good thing the military provides you all that training in how to keep going on little sleep, huh?"

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Lipton nodded in good-natured agreement, checking his carbine and vest reflexively as they got ready to enter Rapture. "One can always hope," he said, because he had always been the voice of reasoned optimism, even when his thoughts were taking quite a different turn.

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"Now is that the military or the boy scouts?" Lipton deadpanned, keeping a careful watch on their surroundings as they drew closer to the submersible. Rapture was an odd mix of things that reminded him of home - the style of the posters, the marquees - but with the odd, otherworldly aspect that came with it's literally other-worldly origins.

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It was still Lipton's reflex to say 'ladies first', although he knew by now that such taken-for-granted niceties weren't always appreciated on the Island, especially by women like Sonya. At her holding the door open now, he merely gave her a nod and stepped through.

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"Was that the year with the friendly zombies?" Lipton found some of the Island's more particular eccentricities over the years to start to run together in his mind.

When they came to a stop, he got the door this time, gesturing her through.

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"Sounds awfully familiar," he admitted with a laugh. "Although hopefully we're not all that much like lemmings. Luckily, I knew a few COs to bend the orders a bit to a more favourable outcome."

He dutifully held out his hand for rock paper scissors, giving the requisite two shakes of his fist before forming scissors.

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He'd met Jax, in the brief dreamworld foray he'd had into Sonya's world. He could respect the man, that was for sure.

Lipton raised his radio and returned the salute with the antenna. They saluted their Captain formally, but given the spectrum of ranks and world origins, the hierarchy of the rest of the ITF was far too hectic too really follow formality. "And keep both eyes open, hey?" He knew she would, and they were unnecessary parting words, but it really couldn't hurt.

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He gave her a titled smile in return, and it pulled at the scar on his cheek that was evidence of a sniper's bullet having gotten a little too close. They both knew the drill.

Lipton started a steady round of pacing in front of the submersible door, scanning the area and keeping ready.

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Lipton raised the radio, and thought for the nth time that Luz, Perconte and all the other radiomen would've had a field day if they could've carried a gizmo like this rather than the backpack contraptions they'd lugged through Europe. "Copy. Door's all clear, over." He looked out over Rapture, and was very aware of how little he could really see of it.

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Lipton heard what sounded like a shout out somewhere in Rapture, beyond what he could see, and strode forward a few steps reflexively, bringing the radio up to his mouth. "Blade, do you copy? Over."

He knew he had to hold the exit until he heard otherwise. It was why they had the radios, after all, for times like these, but he still had to keep himself from fearing the worst.

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He didn't need to be told twice, and dropped his radio to the cord that held it to his belt, and broke off through Rapture towards the shout he heard at a run.

It didn't take him long, as she wasn't too far out, and between the ITF and his own PT, he was in pretty good shape - but he wasn't thinking about any of that, just on getting to where he estimated to be Sonya's location.

He had his rifle out, at the - well, things, seemed to be the best word for it - as he rounded the corner. He let off a shot at the one attacking Sonya. "What's the call?" He asked, focused, since with first contact she was running point on this one.

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Alright, then. Lipton was far from as skilled a fighter in close quarters as Sonya was, but he was strong, and well-built, and had just enough training and real-life experience in fights that he wasn't at a loss when his rifle proved ineffective and one of the things appeared in front of him.

The lack of oxygen was a new one, though. He choked, then gripped the knife he carried at his belt and swiped it out at the thing's body. His lungs burned, but at contact with the knife the choke hold let up and Lipton got a deep breath into his lungs. He pressed his chance, and stuck the thing again, a solid cut across the chest.


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