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By now, Sonya was seven days late with her period. Even at her worst times of health, she was never that off with the date. Part of her kept repeating that it could be anything, that she shouldn't jump to conclusions just because her cycle for that month didn't start.  The other part inside seemed more rational and made more sense, that her fatigue had been lasting more than it should have inspite of all her attempts, and she did recall from reading some of Lipton's books that such a fatigue, plus PMS symptoms but no period could easily translate to meaning pregnancy.

That Friday she had gone in to the clinic, having heard before that they had a means of testing if a woman was or wasn't pregnant, but had been told that it would take twenty-four hours before she would know the results. It could be argued that patience was never one of Sonya's virtues and that seemed especially true now, but  she also felt that now would be the time to suck it up and wait. Such news required her to have some patience. If she was, as she was starting to suspect, pregnant than she wanted to know as soon as possible so that she and Hanzo could prepare for the baby, but if it turned out that she wasn't going to have a kid, she would like to know why than was she feeling tired all of the time.

She arrived at the clinic after that morning's ITF training, taking only enough time for a quick shower and change of clothes, though really, at the moment all she wanted was a nap.

A quick knock and peak inside the clinic office announced her presencee, along with a 'not-too-suppressed-yawn'.

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Sitting on the desk, one foot up on a spare chair and a comic book open on the desk in front of him, Paul looks up, head tilted on one side.

"Hey," he says, putting the comic down and shoving back from the desk slightly. "Come in!"

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When Sonya first met the doctor, she was a little taken aback by how young he looked-she expected someone atleast a decade older. On the other hand, she was fairly young herself when she became an officer, so she supposed it was unfair to judge him by his age.

The comic book didn't help, and Sonya even found herself being reminded of Joe, but then she could never look at comics anymore without thinking of him.

"Hey," She returned the greeting and took a seat from across his desk. "My name's Sonya Blade-Hasashi," Since she got married, she found she would only use her married name for official documents. "I came here yesterday for a pregnancy test."

She really hoped she didn't look or sound as nervious as she felt. There was no need, she kept telling herself: women got pregnant all the time, it wasn't as though she were getting tested for a disease or anything like that.

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"Oh, right," said Paul, snapping immediately into professional mode. Pregnancy tests, he knows. He pushes away from the desk on the wheels of his chair.

"Definitely results around here somewhere," he said, immediately going to the files. "So we'll have a look and then I can give you an exam, if you like. OB-GYN's my field."

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"Sure," She didn't come with the intention of taking an exam, but if the results of the test were positive, it would only make sense. "Want to make sure everything's in working order, right?"

Why not, after all, Sonya was military and until arriving here had been through so many physicals and examination-it gave her a strange sense of homesickness.

She also couldn't help but think it was a good thing the Hanzo wasn't here. She was fine with a male OB-GYN, but she could see him having a few things to say about it-or at least spend the entire exam giving the doctor a death glare.

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"Something like that," says Paul, still flipping through the files, glancing up at her as he pulls one out and sets i on the desk in front of him.

"I take it the pregnancy wouldn't have been planned?"

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Judging from that, Sonya didn't even need to see the file to know the answer.

She tried to not feel sheepish. "Well, it was and it wasn't." She answered, honestly. "My then boyfriend and I were using protection for awhile, but since we got married-we just decided to let things take their course." She paused. "And between you and me, Doc, I know he's been hoping to start a family, and right here on the island is the only place where I feel safe enough to go with the idea."

Holy shit. She was pregnant..Hanzo was going to jump through the ceiling.

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"Well, then, congratulations," says Paul, flashing her a quick grin that made him look younger. "If you want to...hop up on one of the beds we can do you a quick exam, make sure everything looks okay."

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He may've looked younger just by that grin, but Sonya was pretty sure she was just grinning like an idiot. The pregnancy was only 'half' planned, and she was certain that later on she would be wondering what the hell she got herself into, but at the current moment she just felt so giddy that she couldn't stop grinning.

She got up from the chair and headed to one of the beds, taking a seat.

"So, mind telling me what this test includes? I've been through enough physicals in the army, but..never this sort."

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"Well," says Paul, in the midst of washing his hands. "It's an internal exam, just to make sure that everything's okay with the baby. It's not...necessarily the most comfortable thing in the world, but I've got a lot of experience, I promise. I'm good."

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Actually, Sonya was VERY glad that Hanzo wasn't here. The man kept a cool enough temper (rather ironic considering his state back home), but she wasn't so sure he could keep it that way with a doctor doing a thurough of an exam.

"I'll hold you too that." She said, getting ready on the bed for the examination, but not before pulling a blanket from said bed to use as covering.

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Pulling on latex gloves, Paul snags a stool and sits down at the foot of the bed. He tries to make the exam as quick and painless as possible, and it's only a few minutes before he's snapping the gloves off.

"Everything looks fine, Sonya," he says, flashing her a small. "You're doing great."
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Well he was right-it wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it didn't reach the Top Ten list either.

She tried to look over at where he was sitting. "That mean I can get dressed now?"

Actually, there was a part of her that was surprised by what he said. While she hadn't had the worst track record of injuries acquired on the island (or even in her career), she figured that after so many explosions-something may've gotten jerked out of place.

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"Absolutely," says Paul, turning his back while he washes his hands. "So, you'll want to start taking the usual precautions. Keep exercise light, that kind of thing. And you'll want to choose a doctor."

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She got dressed while his back was turned.

Right, precautions, excersize light..

Sonya didn't so much cringe but looked a little concerned. 'Light excersize' in her own personal opinion was a two mile jog.

"I'm on the ITF." She stated. "I don't know if you're familair with the training course, but it's three days a week of intense running, swimming and excersize reps." Sonya had still been attending the training sessions, but with her recent fatigue they would always leave her feeling about ten times more exhausted than usual. "Don't suppose I'll have to tell the captain that I'll need an early maternity leave?"

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"You should probably consider that," says Paul, turning back towards her. "Your doctor'll probably want you to avoid exercise that strenuous."

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She thought a moment. "Just a guess, but is there any shot of you just being my doctor? I mean, you're trained in this field already and if something like an emergency comes up, I'd like to know the other guy knows what he's doing?"

She'd have to talk with her CO about training, but considering that the very meaning of ITF training was strenous, she had a feeling it may be out of the question for awhile. Combined with classes having ended for the term-Sonya suddenly saw herself back with a lot of free time on her hands.

Yet another reason to be glad Hanzo wasn't here: she wasn't sure if she could take his 'I told you so's'.

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"I could absolutely do it," says Paul, swivilling on his chair. "I've got a clinic, down in the Hidden Hamlet."

He sketches her a map on a scrap of paper.

"I could see you down there from now on."

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"I know where that is." She took the map anyway. "One of the residents there lets me use his punching back on occasion."

Which, frankly seemed like a pathetic reason for visiting a place, but it was still a reason.

"Can do." The hamlet was a farther place to walk than the compound clinic, and she couldn't help but feel a little nervous that in case of an emergency she may not make it in time. She shook her head: thinking like that never got her any where.

"In that case, mind if I ask a few more questions, since I'm already here. When should my next check up be?" Docter appointments were needed to check on her and the bany's health, if she remembered right. "And..well, anything else you'd like to tell me, due dates and all that." She managed to not sound as hesistant as she felt, but for the first time Sonya felt she was going into something that, while not completely unknown to her, it wasn't really her expertise.


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