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By now, Sonya was seven days late with her period. Even at her worst times of health, she was never that off with the date. Part of her kept repeating that it could be anything, that she shouldn't jump to conclusions just because her cycle for that month didn't start.  The other part inside seemed more rational and made more sense, that her fatigue had been lasting more than it should have inspite of all her attempts, and she did recall from reading some of Lipton's books that such a fatigue, plus PMS symptoms but no period could easily translate to meaning pregnancy.

That Friday she had gone in to the clinic, having heard before that they had a means of testing if a woman was or wasn't pregnant, but had been told that it would take twenty-four hours before she would know the results. It could be argued that patience was never one of Sonya's virtues and that seemed especially true now, but  she also felt that now would be the time to suck it up and wait. Such news required her to have some patience. If she was, as she was starting to suspect, pregnant than she wanted to know as soon as possible so that she and Hanzo could prepare for the baby, but if it turned out that she wasn't going to have a kid, she would like to know why than was she feeling tired all of the time.

She arrived at the clinic after that morning's ITF training, taking only enough time for a quick shower and change of clothes, though really, at the moment all she wanted was a nap.

A quick knock and peak inside the clinic office announced her presencee, along with a 'not-too-suppressed-yawn'.
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