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Plot thus far:

1. Sonya and Lipton wake up in her old home in Austin, Texas and eventually meet up with some of the Earth fighters (Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Major Jackson Briggs.)
 a. They get a message from Raiden (the only time he's able to contact them) that the invasion is about to begin and the only think he can do is direct them to where a portal to Sanctuary could be found. Said portal will lead them to Sanctuary where they could gather their forces.

2. Scorpion appears in Earthrealm just as the invasion begins and Outworld starts to merge with Earthrealm.

3. On the way to the portal, the Earthwarriors run into some mutant warriors and Johnny Cage is killed.
  a. Sonya and the rest of them run into Scorpion (details could be added later)

4. Sanctuary is actually an Indian Reservation in New Mexico, organized by the Shaman and historian Nightwolf. Because of the spiritual power in the area, Shao Kahn's portals are unable to affect the reservation and thus it's the only 'safe' place for the Earth warriors to gather.
   a.  It's agreed that they need to find Kahn's fortress and challenge him to Mortal Kombat. The only other option would be full on warring, but their forces are too small for such a battle.
 b. On the way there, they run into princess Kitana, who's on the run after killing her clone Mileena and being accused of treason by Outworld. She's trying to reach her mother who's been brainwashed by Shao Kahn.
c. She's able to tell them where Kahn's fortress is located, but her knowledge of Earth's geography is very limited and the merger of realms has condensed the countries into one giant land mass.
d. It takes them several days to reach Kahn's fortress in what was Chicago.

5. They finally reach the city. Because Kahn seemingly knows that the Earth warriors would show up, he's set many of his Extermination squads ( mutant and centurian) around the city.- fight scenes ensure.
   a. Sonya finds Kano leading one of the squads, a chase ensures that ends with them fighting on the top of a sky scraper. The fight ends with Sonya tossing him off the edge of the building.
  b. Kung Lao is severely wounded in battle. Lacking anything in way of an aide station or hospital, Sonya and (maybe Lipton) agree to stay with him to make sure no other Outworlders arrive to finish the job.
6.  Liu Kang manages to challenge Shao Kahn to Morta Kombat. At stake is Earth's freedom.
   a. It's when Kitana's mother, Sindel, is able to remember her past and call Kahn out, that Liu Kang is able to defeat him.
  b. Earthrealm and its people revert to normal.

7. Sindel and Kitana insist that the Earth warriors come with them to Edenia (one of the other realms freed from Outworld) to celebrate Kahn's defeat.

-Sonya, Lipton, and Scorpion wake up back on the island.

Subject to adjusting/details..the over all plot will seem to last about a week.
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With people, there is always a sign or two that one gives when it's clear that some thing's either not right, or just on their minds. For Sonya, in this case, it was the fact that she was at her hut and not actually doing or anything, except waiting for some breadfruit to finish cooking in its banana leaf wrappings over the fire pit. It was one of those rare moments when she didn't want to think, but she didn't really feel like doing much else.

She should have known, when she didn't see his boat by the docks that morning. She tried to reason with herself that he was only on the other island, but after a few days her senses couldn't be denied any longer.  By that Saturday afternoon, what Sonya had started to deny became a fact-David Webster was no longer on the island. 

Even though they hadn't really talked much lately, Sonya couldn't help but feel something else behind his disappearance. It brought back the memory of after Joe's disappearance, when she and Webster argued over him leaving, and now with him- she felt even more alone than usual. At the time, it was because she was aware of how she had no one, and while she shouldn't have let it affect her, it was her friends vanishing off the island that made her feel how alone she was. It was how it always was, in a way, she would end up by herself. The irony now was that she had someone she loved..more as a friend, someone that could disappear any day now: she could wake up and find his side of the bed gone cold. She knew it was inevitable, but she hated the thought of waiting in fear for something like that.

He wasn't at the hut when she returned from a jog-relatively easy going with her leg still sore, but she expected him to be back any time soon. What she was thinking may have been irrational, but then what on this island was ever rational. She wanted to spend the rest of her time on the island with him, she was aware of this now-even if it took Webster's vanishing to have her come to that realization.  Sonya wasn't sure if Scorpion would agree or not, but the only way she'd know for sure is through him.

Her face was grim as she poked one of the banana leaf casings: still not done.

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That Monday, Sonya never thought she'd be so glad to wake up. Actually, her first few nights on the island and way from the dungeon came close, but nowhere near this experience. After spending several days in a body that really just wanted to be worshipped and pampered , she wanted to experience 'life' again, and no longer sweat the little things-not that she ever did really, but being in the body definitely made her feel like it.

Then there was Scorpion. Because of her schedule, she was only able to meet him that early afternoon, after ITF and before her class, but the visit was long enough to know that he was back to normal-for him anyway. Sonya didn't think it was a bad idea, and spent the day to see of she could catch anything herself.

That evening, Sonya had to bounce at the jazz club, but that didn't seem bad either, because now she could actually 'appear' like a bouncer as well as behave like one. It also meant that with wasn't until around mid night she was able to go over to Scorpion's hut-which thankfully was a shorter distance from the club than from her own hut: the less tim it took the more time she would get to spend with him.

And this time, she planned on spending the night.

She practically ran over to his hut, still wearing the black cargo pants and tanktop, and knocked on the door.
"Scorpion, you there?" For all she knew he could still be outside.

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She'd left an message in Jane's mailbox. It was true that she and Sonya had little in common, but she still enjoyed talking with her. Most of Sonya's friends were guys and though she had no problems with that fact, she also saw nothing wrong with having at least one 'non career oriented' female friend. The main problem was trying to find ways to relate to them: for all the contrasts between them, at least Jane gave the impression that she wasn't judging her, and she was also honest-both of which were things Sonya greatly appreciated. Especially right now, when she felt she needed to talk to someone female, if nothing else, an afternoon chat would've been just as welcome.

It had been little over a week since the Bennet ball, and Sonya found herself still mentally torn about Scorpion. She had long since come around that after Lance was killed, she'd remain single for the rest of her life: back home in the army, that was perfectly fine for her as there wouldn't have been any time to devote to family, but here, even with both of her jobs in the club and the ITF, it was entirely possible to 'start over'. From her time with Scorpion, he was more than open to the idea himself.

She arrived at Jane's home that afternoon, as she said she would on the paper. It didn't feel right to just to arrive there, even if she did ask first, so she stopped over at her own hut for a container of dried raspberry leaves. As a tea, Sonya found she enjoyed it more than regular because it didn't have the caffeine content of the regular black kind, but it also didn't taste as bitter as green tea either. 

Sonya knocked on the door and waited.

One could argue that was she was doing in general was crazy, but then Sonya never denied that she was every wholly sane.
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Theme nights on Saturdays at the club made bouncing all the more interesting. Not that she had much to complain about, it was something to do and she got to listen to some nice music while doing it.  

The job wasn't nearly as stressful as some of her others, but somehow her hair was still a little messy even held back in a tail. She stretched her legs and she collected the bag containing her dress from the ball, kept in the back for safe keeping.  Due to the distance, she was compelled to change from the dress to her uniform in one of the dressing rooms of the second floor-an act that made Sonya glad that she wasn't so modest about such things.

She promised Scorpion they'd meet after the club closed for the night, and he finished helping Jane clean up. Why Sonya promised in the first place, she knew that well enough: she was only at the ball for an hour or so, and after all the time teaching Scorpion to dance and only to rush things. But why she felt guilty in the first place, and why she seemed to blush afterwards, was what she'd like to know for herself. Yes, she was being honest with Webster when she said it was nice to have someone who seemed to understand where she was coming from, but that wasn't enough to really mean anything beyond comradeship.

She shook her head  and stepped outside the club: she was probably just making a big deal out of nothing. It felt good talking to him, that's all.
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 When Sonya first arrived here, she couldn't spend enough time outside. It wasn't just about no longer looking pale, but after spending weeks in  a cell and in a place were it never got lighter than dusk, she felt she could never get used to seeing actual sunlight, or greenery or a blue sky. Still, the compound offered a sense of familiarity, as plain as it was and as annoying the clothing and jukebox were, it was similar to the barracks she was used to, and familiarity kept people sane-which Sonya at the time was in desperate need of.

But with Joe's disappearance and the holiday season, the compound started to seem claustrophobic even for her: it seemed that a change in atmosphere was what she needed-even if it was just in a hut instead of a different state or country. Then the psycho came and she needed six weeks before she could move because there was no way she could move her things with a broken arm. But now, she's healed, found a place, and after several days she's finally moved in. It wasn't fancy by any means, only furnished with a bed that needed airing, the trunk containing her weapons and books, and her clothes, but she was in the process of trading for a table, and on her way to really making it hers.

Currently, she was outside, her now shoulder length hair held back in a ponytail and using the frame of some young trees to weave together a throw mat from dried long grass and lemon grass. The work repetitive but satisfying and it was halfway done.  She intended to see if she could trade it for anything, or use it herself, as the lemon grass acted as a natural mosquito repellent.

Sonya wasn't sure if she could call herself happy, but for the moment she could call herself satisfied.
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"You could've told me that before I tried to fight him, y'know," Harry said, kind of amused by this revelation. He could already imagine the expression on Dick and Nix's faces when he told them he'd been beaten up by a ghost. It explained the guy's awkward demeanour, though; must be strange for him, being human again."

Sonya  didn't speak out when Scorpion left: there wasn't much of a point when he would've just gone off regardless of what she said.

Still, looking at him, she couldn't help but think of how far she'd had come, or maybe she was more 'human' than she thought. After all, her social skills may've sucked, but she did have some people she could open up to, to an extent. If this place was rough on her, how was it for him, becoming fully human-up until now she never much thought about it.

She finally spoke when she and Harry headed back to the compound as Scorpion headed to..wherever he was headed.

"He's human now. And in the tournament he was given a human form." She smirked. "On the outside anyway, but once he removed the mask, you saw that he had a skull instead of a human face. One of his ways to finish off his opponent would be to spew out hell fire from his mouth."

How Sonya hadn't gone vegetarian after her time in the tournament, she had no idea.

"Here, he has the skill and experience, but he's now as human as you and I am."  Well, more like her...Harry seemed more human than the both of them.
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*sound of a woman clearing her throatt* am supposed to..? Oh..Hello, this is Anna, Duchess of Cleves. I regret that I cannot come to the phone now, but could you please leave your name and number and I will try to contact you soon.
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With Joe's disappearance, one of the last things Sonya felt like attending was a blind date. Even if he was still here, she was still not sure about the whole thing. The last time she'd dated was when she was fifteen, and that didn't end too well either. Hell, when she was with Lance they didn't so much as date but spend time together, at best it was casual dating. The only reason she even bothered was because it was pointless for her to mope, and because...well, maybe she was being too cynical about the whole thing. It wasn't like there was anything here-besides her own stubbornness and fear of vanishing-to prevent her from starting a relationship, so what could it hurt to try.

The note said to show up at the Winchester during the evening, and to wear something green. And so, Sonya was sitting at an outside table at the Winchester a little before the sun started to set, dressed in a black, knee length skirt and dark green blouse (she figured it was nice enough for a first date, but not exactly that fancy) with her hair held back with a black headband, and waited.

If this really did turn out to be a prank, heads were going to roll.
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If there was ever a time when Sonya felt so sick inside, she couldn't think of one: not during her first mission in the army, or even when she was being interrogated  by the Shadow Priests. 

She trekked through the jungle, wearing her army uniform even to the issued tank top with the stitched up back. The uniform stabilized her, kept her from turning back to the poor excuse of behavior she'd shown the past few days: cursing the army, wanting people to hurt, and even worse, she deliberatly hurt someone she considered a brother. And she didn't even want to consider what happened with Mitchell, only prayed that she wasn't pregnant as a result.

Sonya took a deep breath, her hands in her pockets. She wasn't a coward, she'd faced life and death situations before, but they seemed easy compared to this. She wasn't even sure she could forgive herself if she was someone else.

'Well Lieutenant,' She thought. "May as well bite the damn bullet and get it over with."

It wasn't that she was too proud to apologize, she just hated the behavior that warranted such an apology.

ooc: find her anywhere in the jungle. tag to anyone she owes an apology for.
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For what had to be for the first time since she'd arrived, Sonya woke up in her room at the compound and just lay there. She didn't feel ill, or tired, but strangely 'free', the guilt, the anxiousness, the restlessness, it was all gone.  After what had to be weeks of bad dreams and twisting and turning to sleep, Sonya saw no reason why she should get up at the crack of dawn as she was wont.

Then, she caught a glimpse of her roommate's side of the room. It was no different than when Sonya first moved in, messy with clothes and belongings all over the place.  Whereas before she put up with it, this morning it just got on her nerves. If Rogue was going to behave like a dog, why did she bother sleeping inside in the first place.  Sonya wondered if she should move her things for her, to teach her a lesson. The only problem was that most of the garments smelled like they were in a serious need of a wash. There was no way Sonya was touching such things if she  could help it. The woman was just lucky she wasn't throwing it all outside, that would be too obvious.

Sonya threw a robe over her shorts and sports bra (a wardrobe change would also help her feel better, but one problem at a time), and looked around the 5th level hallway of the compound.  People here were more helpful than back home, odds were good she could find someone to clear the trash in the room-or someone she could 'convince'.

"Excuse me," She said to the first person she saw, a pleasant smile on her face. "My roommate's moved out, but she left all of her things in her room.  Could you help me move them out?"

ooc:  Permission granted by Malamanda to mess with Rogue's belongings.  Opposite Sonya will be more apt to manipulation, but don't think she won't hit you if she feels the need-just forewarning
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While Sonya couldn't quit stomach all the free food at the party, she could think of someone that wouldn't have a problem scarfing it down.

Somehow, she'd found some paper bags near one of the plates, possibly for people wanting a 'private' celebration, but it was just fine for what she was doing. Filling a bag with fries, two cheese burgers,  a couple of milky ways, and two cans of coca cola, she took off for Peter's house, thankful for the torches along the path. She still wore the dress and mask from the party, but she loosened her hair into a pony tale and her mask was resting on her forehead, walking was easy since she'd gone to the party where white keds instead of dress shoes.

She made it over to the tree house, knocking on the door frame. "'s Sonya. I have food from the party." If any real mother knew what she had they would've thrown a shit fit, but Sonya figured it was just one night so any complainers could go screw themselves.

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