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She was with her kids the afternoon on the beach, both girls with sunscreen and swim wear. They were too young to really swim, but it was a good enough time to let them get used to the water.

Her ears caught the sounds of fighting, of screaming, and for a moment she forgot where she was and only just yelled a warming to Max, placing both girls on the back of the direwolf before running forward toward the sounds.

She stopped when she saw Lipton on the ground, looking battered and bloody with a good sized wound on his head.

"Lip!" She ran over to him, checking his pulse. It was weak, but it was there and that was all that mattered.A quick check over, to her knowledge and the best of ability, showed no broken bones.  "Lipton..wake up..wake up, soldier!"

Sonya pulled him up by his shoulders."

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He was moving, the world spinning around him. There was a hot, pounding pain in his head, making his other aches pale in comparison.

He blinked, hands going out in an attempt to steady himself, finding ground with one hand and another body with the other, dizzy and disoriented. He comprehended, belatedly, that a voice was talking to him, and he tried to focus in on the voice.

"Sonya?" His fingers went to his head, coming away wet with blood that he wiped on his trousers. Something brittle and frantic was in his chest, urgent and panicked - his scrambled mind grasped at the beach, at a shell, at - "Lydia!"

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"No," he said, forcing his legs under him to get to his feet. "No, she's -" His vision greyed, rushing in his ears, and then he leaned over and vomited.

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"Thing from Rapture," Lipton grit out, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other and staying upright. "Metal suit. Came outta nowhere - put her in a cage on its back."

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He nodded, words thick in his mouth, even though the world tilted sideways when he did so. He couldn't process what the alternative of that was.

"Yeah," he said, unable to put anything else into words - how he could remember Lydia's screams, how she'd held onto him as long as she could, how he'd failed to protect her. "Yeah."

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"It had a cage. For Liddy. It was strong enough to take her without it, but it had a cage." He had a mind for strategy, for plans, for looking at logic and reason and using that to make a decision. Focusing on a detail like that would give him something to think about that wasn't the worst case scenario.

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He said nothing, because he'd been focusing on the idea that they might not want to hurt her. He'd seen the horrifying little girls with their unnatural eyes and large needles - he didn't want to think about the little girls they'd once been.

He didn't want to think of little Liddy as one of those. He couldn't, not now. "We'll find her."


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