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Dear Sonya,

Have I told you how grateful I was that you came to my rescue when that madman started throwing bombs around the Island? Probably not recently, because I know how self-conscious that makes you feel. But I'll say so again, because I am. I'm forever in your debt. And while I can't repay that debt, I can appreciate how we've become friends, since, and how you've let Zell and I into your family. You have beautiful children, and it has been an honor to help care for them.

As you have probably guessed, if you are receiving this letter, it is because I have disappeared from the Island. Though I've dreaded this day, I've known that it would happen regardless of how I felt. It's random and impersonal, and it has been a darkness at the back of my mind since I fell in love with Zell. It's a darkness that increased when I saw Hanzo taken away from you and the kids.

I dread the thought of having Zell taken from me. I dread even more the thought of leaving Zell behind. So, though I'm in your debt, I have a favour to ask: please stick with Zell and help him through this.

On this island, we've shared a lot of the same pains, but I know how alone this still makes you feel. I hope that I've been there to help you, and I am and will always be thankful of the help and friendship you have given Zell and me.

With love,


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