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Sonya was more tired than usual when she headed to class that morning. What felt like contractions had started sometime at around midnight, but she'd gone through false labor before and right now, she was just fed up with the idea. She was all for drills and military precision, but at didn't mean she was ready for her body to go into panic at the thought of premature labor-only to find out later 'it was a false alarm'.

Hence why she was at class that morning, rather than a bed in the clinic. She wasn't kidding when she told someone that school helped her stay focused, and right now she wanted to focus on anything but this damn 'condition' of hers. It was just her and Lex this time, as Tunny hadn't been in class for awhile, and while she couldn't exactly call him a 'friend', her mind did sort of wonder as to how he was doing. Between that and her and Lex's discussion, Sonya liked to think that she was putting the 'discomfort' on hold for the time being.

She sucked in a breath, letting it out when she felt felt the next one come on-and a tiny  voice in the back of her head seemed to warn that this one felt like a strong one. She also swore she could see Max outside the door-another warning bell, as he usually never entered the school building. She chalked it up to 'papa wolf' concern

 "You mind if we discuss and walk at the same time?" She interrupted Lex. "Feeling a little cramped."

That voice again.
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