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2015-10-08 06:45 pm

ic contact

Hi, this is Sonya. I'm unable to contact you at the moment, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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2015-07-22 12:53 pm


How's I doing with Sonya's character? Any suggestions, concerns,or possible plotting idea, feel free to drop me a line.

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2015-03-06 06:10 pm

(no subject)

They come out into the courtyard of the monastery.

"The abbot will probably be in his cell at this time of day."

Sonya was by no means a stranger to sunlight anymore, not since her arrival back in milliways, but even she couldn't get over the change of scenery-how green and..settled..everything looked.

Maybe this was what she needed after all. The land may've been at war, but life seemed to move on as usual here. She could catch the smell of fruit, flowers and earth, yet she rolled and stretched her shoulders as though bracing and psyching herself up for something.

"Lead the way."

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2015-01-05 04:54 pm
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(no subject)

 Sonya's room was something between a dorm room and her usual room set up in the barracks: bed, dresser, desk, but to the side there was also a bookshelf, table, chair, and even a flat screen television and dvd player. Having just gotten used to video cassettes, the use of dvds took some getting used to, but given her lack of a busy schedule, Sonya didn't have much of an issue with it. Otherwise, the room is sparsely furnished and clean. Some people let their place go during their depression: Sonya would go into a cleaning spree just to keep her mind from focusing on things.

Stepping inside, she set the speaker and player  on the table, hooking them up. "Feel free to take the chair," The bed's fine enough for her. Maybe Bar could give her a sofa, but she wasn't about to add what she didn't really need. Right now, the point was just to relax, which meant offering Athelstan a seat.
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2014-12-24 05:41 pm
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(no subject)

Mail box for Sonya Blade
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2014-11-03 06:36 pm
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(no subject)

By the end of this so called tournament, Sonya's back felt on fire and her head throbbed. To be forced to stand all day infront of the crowd, to not show weakness infront of her allies while they fought for their lives took more energy then she thought she possessed. They risked their lives to come for her, she wouldn't give in to weakness and give the Emperor reason to kill them.

Breach of hospitality he called it. The reason for him to have her beaten was because they trespassed where they weren't supposed to, to try and get her out of that hellish dungeon. She took the beating without a word, made all the easier when the switch knocked the wind from her, easier when she saw her allies' faces and dared them not to react.

Don't be heroes, she thought. Don't give him any more excuses to kill you. The tournament would see to that, the sorcerer told her, and she could only imagine his look of disgusted when so far his enemies were still alive. The thought nearly made her smirk while they chained her hands together to take her to the dungeon: they didn't break her..they won't break her.

Yet the thought of going back to that cell, to the smell of death and sounds of men being tortured, to see darkness when for the first time in what felt like weeks she was allowed to see sunlight. Sonya forced herself to remain steady as they walked, her body tensing with reserves she didn't know she had. Not now, she told herself. Wait for the right moment.

Wait for the moment to break herself free. She knew now where the guest chambers were..she could run to them. Without her as leverage, they could make a get away.

The moment came when the guards escorted her towards the backways of the palace, where there was less of a crowd. Five..four..three.

Her hands may've been changed, but that didn't stop her from forcing her weight back and kicking one of the guards in the back of the legs, swinging his body into the other guard to knock his ass on the ground. Sonya didn't give them any time to get on their feet as she turned to run..

She made her way towards one of the doorways, towards the back entrance to the palace and away where the guards were taking her. Her body was sore and crying out for a rest but now she's too alive to feel anything other then the need to run.

Grabbing the handle, she shoves the door open and throws herself in, the smell of the stables hitting her in the face...
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2013-10-18 01:09 am

*Sunday dinner-closed to Carwood and Jane Lipton*

Sonya would've lied if she said the disappearences lately didn't leave her affected. Besides the fact that only a few of them were even close to being friends, it never failed to remind her that she was still here and not back in Earthrealm. There were also fewer and fewer people that she could consider herself close to: on the one hand, it meant she didn't get as torn as others when they faced disappearances, but it felt strangely isolating.

It was for this that she was overcome with the desire to hold a sunday dinner for Jane and Lip. The mess with Rapture over..she hoped she could still consider them neighbors, and it would've been nice to cook for someone other than herself and the twins (who were at the moment in the 'will/won't eat stage).

Said twins were in a makeshift play pen with blocks and stacking rings, while Sonya started preparing for dinner. Since getting the pottery wheel, she was able to make some proper cups,plates and serving dishes, and with an outdoor kitchen she was able to make a dinner of seasoned goat shish kabobs with tomatoes and eggplant (wooden skewers instead of metal), along with some  rice and a simple salad-peach turnovers from the bakery served as dessert.

Eccentric yes, but then in a strange way it was fitting, and she wasn't sure eating a heavy meal would've been appreciated even in the evening weather.

She set about burning some dried lemon grass around the picnic table to keep the bugs away. It was probably too much to hope for to make this a common thing, but in lie of any other sort of cozy gathering-she'd take what she could make of it.
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2013-09-17 04:56 pm
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*closed to helen*

Sonya still wasn't quiet sure she was ready for this. Not even when she first got a babysitter or planned it with Helen.  She didn't like the thought of more nights by herself anymore than Hanzo would and Helen did need the help, but she still wasn't entirely sure she was ready to actually get up infront of people.

That didn't stop her from going. She couldn't spend more nights alone with just the children: it was driving her crazy and that was the last thing she needed.

It was for this she found herself back at the Club, a modified roped Kunai around her arm and dressed in track pants and sports bra, various scars along her torso and shoulder now visible as was the Spec. Ops tattoo on her shoulder.. The real act would have the spear end set on fire, but for the moment she wanted to try without first. She was already skilled with it, had been since last year, but for this to work she needed to learn out to use it infront of a crowd. Most of her training was done away from the public eye and lacked the flash as some of the other warriors back home, but if she was going to perform at the Catscratch club, flash was what she needed.

She waited by the front door for Helen. The woman had been running the club since before her own arrivial and if anyone knew how to transform something for the stage, it would be her.
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2013-07-26 03:04 pm

*Forward dated to August 2nd-close to Helen*

A full day and Sonya liked to think she was getting the hang of this place-liked to, but really it was still a whirlwind.

At the very least, she knew what to do about the kids, who it was safe to leave them with and all of that. Which was awesome, because as much as she had some experience with babysitting, it was completely different than actually having them for herself.

She'd heard that there was a club on the island, something between a jazz and an actual strip joint. Normally she wouldn't have even consider going there, but according to what she's been told, she was of age on the island, which made going to jazz clubs even more exciting. She wasn't even sure if she'd attend a performance for tonight, but she wanted to check the place out atleast.

The place was closed of course, but she wasn't so sure about going in when it was actually open. For one, it was past when the children's office closed and two..this was more for exploratory purposes anyway. Still, it didn't take much to trick the lock and open the place up.

With her was a thick short staff-really a fairly thick stick. Back home she was on drill team and they had a competition in a month and she wasn't about to slack off any time soon. This was by no means a military establishment, but hell-a stage was a stage.

Using the stick as a rifle, she began swinging the stick around: crossways, straight, tossing it up and catching it. No music with her, but then there wouldn't have been music at the time. All she had to go by was the rythym of the rest of the squad and that had to be done by memory.
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2013-06-14 11:07 pm
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(no subject)

"Come on girls, momma's going to take out some aggression while you two play, okay?"

She was tired, restless even. Around the hut, she'd done the cleaning, fixing up, and whatever manual labor that needed to be done and she still didn't feel any better.  Of course, the whole deal with rapture wasn't solved, but there was only so much they could do and even she knew that she couldn't patrol every day of every hour, though a part of her wished it. It wasn't her place though..if anything she hoped that Lipton would find Lydia, find her and go back to being the happy, content family that he and Jane were.

She looked at the girls playing under the shade of the deck, their wooden toys being stacked and moved about in a way that only a one-year old could find fun.

Maybe we do need to move, she thought. As much as she didn't like the thought of facing people just yet, maybe another change of pace would be good for them.

No..what would be good for her was some shadow boxing. In their-in her-front yard, there was a thick tree that was perfect for the deed, its trunk smooth and wide enough for her to wrap a long coil of rope around and use it as a punch/kick target. She'd replaced it several times since she'd first moved to the hut, but it was easier than going to the punching back in the Hidden Hamlet-nice as the people there were.

Making sure that the girls were content (she had some water and snacks just incase), and Max was within sight (and safely chewing on something he hunted) Sonya pulled on a set of combat gloves, flexed her shoulders a bit-and started going to town on the tree.


roundhouse kick...triple kick

turn..jump crescent kick...

She was soon lost in a pattern, visualizing the tree as her opponent and delivering blow after blow. They were automatic now, her body feeling the endorphin rush but there was no longer any sense of enjoyment or relief in the blows.

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2013-05-19 01:33 pm
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Dated to the 18th-for Lipton*

She was with her kids the afternoon on the beach, both girls with sunscreen and swim wear. They were too young to really swim, but it was a good enough time to let them get used to the water.

Her ears caught the sounds of fighting, of screaming, and for a moment she forgot where she was and only just yelled a warming to Max, placing both girls on the back of the direwolf before running forward toward the sounds.

She stopped when she saw Lipton on the ground, looking battered and bloody with a good sized wound on his head.

"Lip!" She ran over to him, checking his pulse. It was weak, but it was there and that was all that mattered.A quick check over, to her knowledge and the best of ability, showed no broken bones.  "Lipton..wake up..wake up, soldier!"

Sonya pulled him up by his shoulders."
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2012-12-15 12:11 pm
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vow renewals: *back dated to the 14th*

A few months ago, Sonya never heard of 'vow renewals', she only came across such a ceremony when trying to think up how to celebrate her two year anniversary. After everything she and Hanzo went through as a family, she felt it was only right that they celebrate with something more meaningful than just a 'night together': either one of them could've been killed several times over in these years and yet they were still alive, together, and had two healthy babies.

The Officer's Club had changed along with the scenery. No longer just a multi room barracks and common room, it was now a nicely fitted triple decker house, complete with a fully stocked and spacious bar. Sonya tried to not think how fast Easy might break in that part. It was nice regardless, and meant that they could celebrate without fear of any interruptions. They even had caterers to provide for a small buffet style dinner for later, providing a chance for people to either stand or sit down as they will to enjoy dinner and not have to bother with awkward seating arrangements.

She'd asked Jack Harkness* to stand over the ceremony. It didn't matter that he was no longer on council: he had officiated their wedding two years ago, she felt it was only right he stand over this ceremony as well. If he wanted to, she would even let little Joe spend the night with their own children and the 'ghost' baby sitter.

Maybe he was more relaxed about it that she was-she had the babies' room rigged with a hidden camera.

The ceremony itself went off without a hitch. Sonya pulled out her wedding dress and the  jacket that arrived from home (having removed the 'general' star and replacing it with a 2nd Lieutenant's pin) for the occasion, glad to not have to bother with looking.  She and Hanzo stood before each other again, to renew their vows before friends (and those considered family) and she felt that the entire night should be special just for it.

"Hanzo Hasashi." She said, once they repeated their vows. "Two years ago, I swore myself as your wife. Since then, we've fought against nature, against our enemies, and even at times against ourselves." That last part was still an ongoing battle at times. "Each time that happens, I find myself only too glad to have found you for such a partner, one that's stood by even when we were both at our worst. Two years ago, you asked me if I was sure about living a life together, knowing what I knew then and know now, I tell you now that my answer is still yes." And to hell with fate.

She wanted to tell fate to fuck off, she wanted to tell the same to whatever doubt that kept plaguing her. They had been through a lot as a couple and she wanted the two of them to live their life in peace. She knew well enough that this wouldn't be possible back home, but like hell if she wouldn't take advantage of it here.

ooc: Jack modded with Mun's permission. Tag the couple, tag eachother. The party is back dated to the 14th so as to not interfere with pups who have to work on Saturday.

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2012-10-29 06:43 pm

*Halloween-for Lipton*

Sonya hadn't gone to church in years, not since Lance was killed,

But the evening she had to patrol Rapture, she made the sign of the cross before heading out, hoping she didn't wake Hanzo, and trying to not think that she may not see him the next morning. She'd trained for this for months, there was no reason to think that she wouldn't survive-except that battle was chaotic by nature and death wasn't choosy on skill levels before it claimed a soldier. She was fully armed and dressed for combat. Everyone on the force knew that now would be when the attacks would come, but they didn't know when.

There was a full moon out when she stepped out of the cottage, and while the logical part of Sonya was grateful for the light it provided , there was a part of her that felt it was almost fitting given the holiday.

It was a short walk to Jane and Lipton's place. Normally Sonya would've been fine with just meeting him at the entrance like usual, but the unusual amount of caution inside her told her it was best not to be out alone tonight.

Two is one: one is none.

She made it over to New Pemberley, waiting at the front door for him to step out and head to their shift.
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2012-01-20 11:46 am

*surprise! forward dated to the 24th-for Lex, hanzo and Dr. Fitch*

Sonya was more tired than usual when she headed to class that morning. What felt like contractions had started sometime at around midnight, but she'd gone through false labor before and right now, she was just fed up with the idea. She was all for drills and military precision, but at didn't mean she was ready for her body to go into panic at the thought of premature labor-only to find out later 'it was a false alarm'.

Hence why she was at class that morning, rather than a bed in the clinic. She wasn't kidding when she told someone that school helped her stay focused, and right now she wanted to focus on anything but this damn 'condition' of hers. It was just her and Lex this time, as Tunny hadn't been in class for awhile, and while she couldn't exactly call him a 'friend', her mind did sort of wonder as to how he was doing. Between that and her and Lex's discussion, Sonya liked to think that she was putting the 'discomfort' on hold for the time being.

She sucked in a breath, letting it out when she felt felt the next one come on-and a tiny  voice in the back of her head seemed to warn that this one felt like a strong one. She also swore she could see Max outside the door-another warning bell, as he usually never entered the school building. She chalked it up to 'papa wolf' concern

 "You mind if we discuss and walk at the same time?" She interrupted Lex. "Feeling a little cramped."

That voice again.
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2011-12-09 10:06 pm
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*dated to the 17th*

Now that she was in her third trimester, her apointments were to be several times a month rather than just once a month. She didn't know which would be more exhausting: the check ups or the actual pregnancy.

The 'new clinic' didn't help her feel any better. Sure, it was cleaner than she'd imagine a victorian clinic would be, but it still had a sort of 'horror movie' feel to it: or maybe she was just being worried over nothing.

It didn't help that the clinic was now outside the compound, and the streets were so tricky and slippery that even with a cane and Max's help she wasn't entirely sure of her balance. Hell, Hanzo was even tempted to go with her as a means of support to prevent accidents, but she was admement against it: she may be as large as a whale but she refused to see herself as an invalid.

Thank god she made it to the clinic without anything happening. The direwolf at her side created a few shocked stairs from the 'locals' but either they were getting used to her or Sonya was just good at ignoring them, either way he didn't create that much attention. He remained at her side while she took a grateful seat in the waiting room, rubbing her back as she waited for one of the doctors to be available.
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2011-07-05 10:22 pm
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*backdated to June 25th*

She was pregnant.

All week, Sonya had had her suspiciouns, but it only became real when she got the results from the test.  Even then, it all felt surreal. She had been wondering about the possiblity of becoming a parent, and had agreed with Hanzo to just let it happen, but she wasn't sure how she felt about it now, only that the giddiness from the news was still making her grin like an idiot.

She'd asked Helinski if she could borrow the file. She had to tell Hanzo, and while he knew her well enough to not believe she'd bullshit about such a serious issue, but she also felt it was seem more 'real' if she gave him the papers to prove it.

Sonya also just wanted to see his expression. Since their 'trip home', Hanzo was convinced that his human form was only 'for show', that he may've not even been able to father a child. Well, those fears were unfounded.

It was a good thing that Max was with her. It made tracking the former ninja much easier, and while nerves had Sonya feeling energtic, the fatigue that was plaguing her for weeks was still present-and Sonya wasn't sure if she had the spare energy to hunt him down.

She eventually found him by the hut, working on repairing a chair. Before getting any closer, Sonya just barely managed to school her emotions, keeping her face fairly neutral as she stepped up with the folder containing the results of the test.
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2011-06-24 02:52 am
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*timed to Saturday Morning*

By now, Sonya was seven days late with her period. Even at her worst times of health, she was never that off with the date. Part of her kept repeating that it could be anything, that she shouldn't jump to conclusions just because her cycle for that month didn't start.  The other part inside seemed more rational and made more sense, that her fatigue had been lasting more than it should have inspite of all her attempts, and she did recall from reading some of Lipton's books that such a fatigue, plus PMS symptoms but no period could easily translate to meaning pregnancy.

That Friday she had gone in to the clinic, having heard before that they had a means of testing if a woman was or wasn't pregnant, but had been told that it would take twenty-four hours before she would know the results. It could be argued that patience was never one of Sonya's virtues and that seemed especially true now, but  she also felt that now would be the time to suck it up and wait. Such news required her to have some patience. If she was, as she was starting to suspect, pregnant than she wanted to know as soon as possible so that she and Hanzo could prepare for the baby, but if it turned out that she wasn't going to have a kid, she would like to know why than was she feeling tired all of the time.

She arrived at the clinic after that morning's ITF training, taking only enough time for a quick shower and change of clothes, though really, at the moment all she wanted was a nap.

A quick knock and peak inside the clinic office announced her presencee, along with a 'not-too-suppressed-yawn'.
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2011-03-21 08:40 pm
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plot: home 2011 *backdated to 2/26*

Five days..

Five days since they woke up. Five days since they started on this mission to save their realm (again). They should have woken up by now: five days into this and Sonya had to almost daily shove back the worry that maybe they were going to be stuck here-no, it wasn't for her, it was for Lipton. He shouldn't have been here, this wasn't his fight, and most of all, he had a wife and kid back on the island. Least with her and Scorpion, they didn't have anyone back there waiting for them, especially in way of kids.

Their time spent traveling wasn't long, not by comparison, but it was by no means easy. Physically, because every so often they would run into a band of mutant or centaur warriors, and mentally because nearly everywhere there were remains of people having had their souls already taken. Sonya was only grateful that they hadn't lost anymore people. Indeed, just before they left for the journey, they'd actually..according to her story..gained two more warriors: Kitana and her friend Jade, both 'former' assassins for Shao Kahn. Liu Kang and Nightwolf were willing to give her a chance, but Sonya couldn't bring herself to really let her in so easy. It was true that the damn video game booklet said that Kitana was now on their side-but how could much could she really put her faith in that book, especially when Kitana herself wasn't too keen on giving details as to 'why', only asking that they trust them. It was only because they needed the 'manpower', and out of respect for Nightwolf and Lui Kang that Sonya kept her mouth shut, but she wordlessly kept an eye on the two women.

It was evening on that fifth day when they finally reached the city, the fortress of Shao Kahn jutting against the dark purple sky.  For once, they didn't stop to set up camp as evening set, as Kitana had told thm that the security around here would be extremely tight. If they were to find shelter anywhere it would have to be within the city. Centaurs were the hardest to defeat, but they were also naturally claustrophobic, and so a building would offer some protection.

Sonya was past caring about physical comfort. Several days of on and off fighting and her body was already bearing bruises and scrapes. Nearly all of them were bruised up, and that wasn't counting the exhaustion that was threatening them.  She had to put faith in that their endurance could carry them through all of this-for every one's sake.
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2011-02-27 01:39 am
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*backdated to Febuary 26-Lipton and eventually Scorpion*

The first thing Sonya noticed when she woke up was that the other side of the bed was cold. She wasn't really into snuggling, but some mornings she just found herself curled up close to Hanzo when she woke up. That wasn't the case now, and her heart nearly leapt out of her throat when he wasn't there. It was only when she fully opened her eyes that she saw the real reason why she was alone in bed.

She was home. Back in her room at her parent's house, in the room she hadn't actually slept in for so long. It was all there: the pictures, the certificates she earned from school, the medals from athletics, and right on her dresser was her army fatigues, set up like she always had them.

Sonya reached over to get out of bed when the sight of her wedding ring brought her back to reality, along with the shorts and t-shirt that she'd slept in. This couldn't be real then, she thought. This was an island trick, or it could be. Besides, she hadn't been home in so long, and if the island were to send her back, it would send her back to the Outworld dungeon.

The phone on her desk rang and she hurriedly rushed over to answer it. When she heard Jax's voice on the other line, it was only her officer training that kept her voice steady as she listened to what he was saying-that he, Liu and Cage would be coming over soon.

She nodded stiffly and hung up, looking at the calender on the wall: if this meeting was for what she thought it was, she'd better get dressed quickly.