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A few months ago, Sonya never heard of 'vow renewals', she only came across such a ceremony when trying to think up how to celebrate her two year anniversary. After everything she and Hanzo went through as a family, she felt it was only right that they celebrate with something more meaningful than just a 'night together': either one of them could've been killed several times over in these years and yet they were still alive, together, and had two healthy babies.

The Officer's Club had changed along with the scenery. No longer just a multi room barracks and common room, it was now a nicely fitted triple decker house, complete with a fully stocked and spacious bar. Sonya tried to not think how fast Easy might break in that part. It was nice regardless, and meant that they could celebrate without fear of any interruptions. They even had caterers to provide for a small buffet style dinner for later, providing a chance for people to either stand or sit down as they will to enjoy dinner and not have to bother with awkward seating arrangements.

She'd asked Jack Harkness* to stand over the ceremony. It didn't matter that he was no longer on council: he had officiated their wedding two years ago, she felt it was only right he stand over this ceremony as well. If he wanted to, she would even let little Joe spend the night with their own children and the 'ghost' baby sitter.

Maybe he was more relaxed about it that she was-she had the babies' room rigged with a hidden camera.

The ceremony itself went off without a hitch. Sonya pulled out her wedding dress and the  jacket that arrived from home (having removed the 'general' star and replacing it with a 2nd Lieutenant's pin) for the occasion, glad to not have to bother with looking.  She and Hanzo stood before each other again, to renew their vows before friends (and those considered family) and she felt that the entire night should be special just for it.

"Hanzo Hasashi." She said, once they repeated their vows. "Two years ago, I swore myself as your wife. Since then, we've fought against nature, against our enemies, and even at times against ourselves." That last part was still an ongoing battle at times. "Each time that happens, I find myself only too glad to have found you for such a partner, one that's stood by even when we were both at our worst. Two years ago, you asked me if I was sure about living a life together, knowing what I knew then and know now, I tell you now that my answer is still yes." And to hell with fate.

She wanted to tell fate to fuck off, she wanted to tell the same to whatever doubt that kept plaguing her. They had been through a lot as a couple and she wanted the two of them to live their life in peace. She knew well enough that this wouldn't be possible back home, but like hell if she wouldn't take advantage of it here.

ooc: Jack modded with Mun's permission. Tag the couple, tag eachother. The party is back dated to the 14th so as to not interfere with pups who have to work on Saturday.

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