Nov. 3rd, 2014

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By the end of this so called tournament, Sonya's back felt on fire and her head throbbed. To be forced to stand all day infront of the crowd, to not show weakness infront of her allies while they fought for their lives took more energy then she thought she possessed. They risked their lives to come for her, she wouldn't give in to weakness and give the Emperor reason to kill them.

Breach of hospitality he called it. The reason for him to have her beaten was because they trespassed where they weren't supposed to, to try and get her out of that hellish dungeon. She took the beating without a word, made all the easier when the switch knocked the wind from her, easier when she saw her allies' faces and dared them not to react.

Don't be heroes, she thought. Don't give him any more excuses to kill you. The tournament would see to that, the sorcerer told her, and she could only imagine his look of disgusted when so far his enemies were still alive. The thought nearly made her smirk while they chained her hands together to take her to the dungeon: they didn't break her..they won't break her.

Yet the thought of going back to that cell, to the smell of death and sounds of men being tortured, to see darkness when for the first time in what felt like weeks she was allowed to see sunlight. Sonya forced herself to remain steady as they walked, her body tensing with reserves she didn't know she had. Not now, she told herself. Wait for the right moment.

Wait for the moment to break herself free. She knew now where the guest chambers were..she could run to them. Without her as leverage, they could make a get away.

The moment came when the guards escorted her towards the backways of the palace, where there was less of a crowd. Five..four..three.

Her hands may've been changed, but that didn't stop her from forcing her weight back and kicking one of the guards in the back of the legs, swinging his body into the other guard to knock his ass on the ground. Sonya didn't give them any time to get on their feet as she turned to run..

She made her way towards one of the doorways, towards the back entrance to the palace and away where the guards were taking her. Her body was sore and crying out for a rest but now she's too alive to feel anything other then the need to run.

Grabbing the handle, she shoves the door open and throws herself in, the smell of the stables hitting her in the face...


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