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OOC Information;
Name; Robin
Personal Journal; character journal-[personal profile] lt_blade
Contact; email/gchat:, aim: minij19
Other Characters; n/a
Activity proof; n/a

IC Information;
Character Name; Sonya Blade
Canon; Mortal kombat:
Canon Point; Sonya enters the game from before the Outworld invasion of the mortal kombat 3 storyline and just after she and Jackson Briggs have tried and failed to warn their government of the Outworld invasion.
Age; 29

House; Given Sonya's history and combat training, it was a three way time for which house - between Hel, Thor and Heimdall house. In the end, I decided to put her in Heimdall house, because even though she's faced a lot of death in her career in the army, it's her sense of duty that's kept her going. Since Mortal kombat, this duty has extended not just in aiding her men in the army and standing by them, but to help defend Earth as a whole. No matter what she's gone through, it's her sense of duty that propels her to go on even when she feels the odds are against her and her team.
Power; Energy Transfer

Personality; Sonya Blade is a soldier, seasoned at a young age from loss and combat - at only eighteen, she lost her brother to police duty and some years later was one of the few survivors of an army raid gone wrong, one of the casualties being her late fiance. An agent in the Special Forces and in the Army, she's also been privy to the corrupted tribunals that have granted enemies their freedom in exchange for dirty money and power - many of the criminals that she's hunted down were political and stowing connections that she herself has no power over. Prior to her time in the army, she was an army brat and viewed it as a life of adventure and service - of being a part of something bigger than herself. Now an officer, she no longer views her government as infallible, yet she still considers herself a soldier, bound to protect her people and to serve by the soldiers under her leadership.

Around the general public, Sonya gives off the air of someone who's alert yet lukewarm. Not to be mistaken for rudeness, she'll be the first to admit that she has control and trust issues around civilians, as her life in the army, as well as her dealings with the tournament and Outworld, have rendered it difficult for her to really empathize with most civilians who haven't experienced war or major conflict. Those who do manage to stick around and look past her 'abrasiveness', actually earn an amount of respect from her, and even if she may not be able to relate to them, she'll usually try to make the effort. With her career showing her the more 'dirty' sides to the politics, Sonya has no illusions about her government and how it runs things, but at the same time her loyalty to the army is and will always be unshakable, as would it be for those she takes under her wing. As much as she would like others to believe otherwise, her experience with the loss of loved ones created a need to guard those she considers friends, to put their safety above her own. This trait, combined with her years in the military, has given Sonya a sort of 'kamikaze' tendency in war and combat, to go all out or not at all, but it's those same ties that subconsciously remind her to 'hold back' - the last thing she wants is to end up in the Afterlife with her comrades on her ass for doing something stupid to get herself killed.

Sonya's a workaholic, dedicated to her duty as a soldier first before anything else even while off duty, it's extremely hard for her to relax and do nothing. Even if it's just reading something, she has to keep herself busy or her mind occupied by something. When she's captured in Outworld, one of the ways they tried to break her was leaving her in her cell, chained with nothing to keep her distracted from the torment surrounding her. She's never done well with being idle and has been known to go awol from hospitals even under doctor's orders to relax.

This is not to say she's completely hard core and unable to relax, she will just only show that side to those she's comfortable around. While she's not entirely into the 'new age experience' as a fad, she does habitually practice meditation as a way to de-stress and center herself, having the skill down to such an art that one of her allies, Liu Kang, was able to teach her how to channel her chi into a projectile weapon for the tournament. When interrogated by the shadow priests, she's able to 'sink down' into herself so that their mind probing fails to affect her. Other ways for her to relax are just hanging out with the men, either with a game of cards or sharing stories - the crazier the better. These are people she's able to laugh with and relax around, so it's easier for her to let down her guard around them. Having grown up with a mother more interested in drink than food, it was her father that taught her how to cook, and there are times when she finds cooking to be therapeutic, if only to keep busy - or any sort of work that allows her to reach a sort of meditative state. She also has a secret weakness for ballroom dancing, but given her assignments in the army and the men she hangs out with, it's one that she rarely indulges in.

As a soldier, her career in the military has forged a deceptively composed exterior, even when on the verge of cracking deep within. She has a unique talent for compartmentalizing, being able to adapt and focus on her objective even when the situation turns, in her opinion, crazy. Her attitude in the tournament is proof of such a trait. It wasn't so much that Sonya automatically doubted or believed in the tournament's true role or of Outworld at first, rather, she knew what her objectives were and that her teams' lives were at stake - if assisting Raiden and participating in the tournament would save her team, she was willing to suspend disbelief. This trait and sense of duty carried over into her trip to Outworld, where she was forced to endure and resist brainwashing attempts: there is and will always be a part of Sonya that wonders just what might have happened had she not had the training from the Special forces. Such training also brought not only the ability to compartmentalize, but to adapt: it's such that the knowledge of new worlds and new creature is no longer a subject of doubt for her, but rather brings on the need explore and learn as much as she can about new worlds and magic. Knowledge is power after all, and the more she can study an enemy or a means of defense, the stronger she can help aide in Earth's defense.

As with other agents in the Armed Forces, Sonya has been trained and conditioned to kill, but since her interrogation at the hands of Shang Tsung in Outworld, part of her worries that she enjoys pursuing criminals too much, that she's more of a hunter and killer than even she's willing to admit. She had killed in the tournament and she has killed men in combat even at times when her own life was no longer at risk, and her opponent defeated. She's accepted that death in combat is inevitable, but to take such a thrill in killing, and it's always on her mind that there's a line between killing for duty and turning into a violent bully. It's for this reason that she'll continue to care for those close to her, as much as she refuses to admit it out loud. For the men under her command, her family, her friends, Sonya would do anything to ensure their safety and well being, and it's for them that she holds herself back from truly going over the edge. It's for them that she doesn't let herself go in killing - only a blood thirsty bully kills when there's no need.

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